Saturday, August 27, 2016

Riverdale Podcast's Third Bookclub Episode: Featuring ARCHIE & FRIENDS: NIGHT AT THE COMIC SHOP!

I had the pleasure of appearing on the third and final Bookclub edition of the Riverdale Podcast. This is the only podcast dedicated to Archie Comics. I joined Riverdale Podcast host Jonathan Merrifield and friend-of-show Barbara Ann discussing ARCHIE & FRIENDS: NIGHT AT THE COMIC SHOP. This was the first Archie Comics trade that I ever read. I'm proud to say that I have a copy of this trade at my home, which is signed by writer/artist Fernando Ruiz! Great book that you should read!!

This trade featured a two stories where Archie and the Riverdale Gang found themselves meeting up with a variety of characters from Archie Comics'/MLJ Comics' distant past, including Suzie, Sam Hill, Squoimy the Woim, Pat the Brat, and Gloomy Gus!

We ended up talking much more about these old school characters than the story itself. And if you've ever wondered about some of the story ideas that I've wanted to pitch to Archie Comics, then Riverdale Podcast Episode #234 is the podcast that you need to listen to!

Sadly, this is the second-to-last episode of the Riverdale Podcast. The pocast will be ending next week. So check out the podcast while you still have a chance!

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