Sunday, August 14, 2016

Who is Billie the Kid?

I've written several times about Charlton Neo, which is a resurrection of the classic Charlton Comics lines; as well as Pix-C Web Comics, which features public domain characters from Charlton Comics as well as a few other original characters. Pix-C Web Comics recently launched a few new strips, including a western story titled BILLIE THE KID!

This would normally be the time when I would jump back into Charlton Comics' past and reveal her origin. However, Billie the Kid appears to be an original character created by Bradley Mason Hamlin and Mort Todd.

Billie the Kid is the distant cousin of Billy the Kid. Billie the Kid made her debut in CHARLTON WILD FRONTIER #1, an anthology published by Charlton Comics a year or two ago. In fact, Billie the Kid's Pix-C Web Comics debut story, "Kissin' Bullets," appears to be a reprint of that debut story. In this story, Billie the Kid is trying to track down her famous cousin -- but doesn't mind if she takes a break in her journey to get some revenge on her rival: Jessie James!

For the record, Billie the Kid is the blond woman and Jessie James is the redhead.

Billy the Kid made his Charlton Comics debut in MASKED RAIDER #6, back in February 1957. Billy Bonney was a misunderstood gunfighter who "didn't look for trouble... Trouble looked for him!" Billy's first story told about the time that a crooked businessman sent a series of gunman after Billy for proving that his roulette wheel was crooked. Even though he was defending himself, Billy was convicted of Disturbing the Peace and given a $10 fine with strict instructions that he would go to jail if he was involved with anymore gunfights! Determined to keep the peace, Billy the Kid hung up his gun-belt and faced a series of assaults -- not that the law cared. Fortunately, Billy was equally good with his fists as he was with his six-shooters!

Billy the Kid's peacekeeping efforts couldn't last forever. He was eventually attacked by one gunman while two others robbed the local bank. Billy took out the gunman and the money was returned, but he still couldn't catch a break. Billy the Kid finally gave up and moved to the next town -- where he presumably found himself similarly accosted for fighting bad guys!

But that's Billy the Kid. This post is about Billie the Kid! I have no clue about Billie's past, nor do I know why she hates Jessie James so much, but I bet that I'll get a better idea next weekend when the next installment of BILLIE THE KID hits Pix-C Web Comics!

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