Saturday, September 3, 2016

Chevy Almost Died Last Night

I almost lost Chevy yesterday afternoon. I went to pick up the dogs from the groomer. They relieved themselves so I went to the dumpster to get rid of their offerings. Chevy didn't like the dumpster, so he pulled away from me. Now normally, he's in the harness. But yesterday he was wearing a collar, which was looser since he just got a haircut. He pulled away and his head popped out of the collar!

He thought this was great! So he immediately ran away from me and towards the sidewalk/street. Mind you, this is Gilbert Street in Iowa City, which is normally busy. But it's 5:00 PM so it's extra busy.

Nero and I followed Chevy trying to get him to come back and/or stop walking while not chasing him so that he would be more likely to run away. It didn't work. He ran down the sidewalk and then turned suddenly onto Gilbert Street in front of a bus!

Fortunately the bus stopped. But I must've looked crazy with my arms in the air and screaming "NO!!" The bus spooked Chevy and he ran back to the sidewalk instead of further into the road (fortunately). I scooped him up and proceeded to de-stress for the next fifteen minutes.

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