Sunday, September 25, 2016

Christy from "Little Women: LA" Sued on "The People's Court"

I was poking around YouTube today and discovered an episode of "The People's Court" from earlier this year featuring Christy Lynn Gibel (or is she Christy McGinity??) from "Little Women: LA." Keep in mind that I like "The People's Court," but I cannot stand "Little Women: LA."

Here's the gist. A woman named Alexandria Pham claimed that her car was struck by reality TV star Christy Lynn Gibel on the way to work, causing just over $3,500 in car damage. Turns out that Gibel had let her car insurance lapse, so she wasn't covered at the time of the accident.

Unfortunately for Gibel, she admitted that she admitted in court that she coasted through a red light turn without paying attention to the oncoming traffic. Fortunately for Gibel, Pham's car was 16-years-old and its value exceeded the cost of the necessary repairs.

Gibel lost the court case and had to pay $2,528 for the damage that she caused.

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