Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kevin Keller Dates New York City in LIFE WITH KEVIN #2!

It wasn't that long ago that Archie Comics was resistant to depicting any same-sex smooches by its infamous gay teen, Kevin Keller. It didn't matter if Kevin was kissing his husband in LIFE WITH ARCHIE or if he was kissing another boy in the old KEVIN KELLER series or any of the others Archie Comics comic books. They eventually got over it and milked Kevin's first same-sex smooch for all it was worth, but the memory of this "controversy" is still fresh in my mind.

Which makes LIFE WITH KEVIN #2 -- which was just published digitally earlier today -- so jarring. Kevin literally dates every gay man in New York City in this issue. Not really, but not for trying!!

For the record, we got some same-sex smooching between Kevin and his handsome neighbor Chris, but we got some hints of action to come later on:

But check out all of these dates that Veronica cock-blocked:

And then there were the guys that Kevin found online. I'll admit that these dates were problematic, but mostly because Kevin apparently has a problem with bigger guys (and unicorns):

But here's the guy that Kevin actually gets some off-panel action out of:

I think that Kevin dated more guys in LIFE WITH KEVIN #2 than I've dated in my entire life! Not that I'm judging!

"Room for Change" features script, pencils, and colors by Dan Parent plus inks by J. Bone and letters by Jack Morelli.


Anthony said...

Guess not guys in their 40s either?

Also, he's dating Oliver Queen in the last panel? :-)

Jon said...

He hooked up with Oliver Queen -- while Veronica listened from outside the window!