Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Oklahoma: Mother & Daughter Arrested & Charged with Incest following Marriage // Updated: Daughter Pleads Guilty to Incest

(Originally written on 09/09/16): I learned last night about a mother and daughter who were both arrested and charged with incest after it was discovered that they were secretly married back in March 2016. The marriage involves 43-year-old Patricia Spann and 25-year-old Misty Spann.

It seems that Patricia lost custody of Misty and her brothers back when they were minors. They were adopted by their grandparents.

According to news reports, Patricia and Misty were able to reconnect two years ago and they "hit it off." Patricia reportedly told investigators that she didn't think that she was breaking any laws because she is no longer listed as a parent on her daughter's birth certificate.

News reports also note that Patricia married one of her sons back in 2008. That marriage was eventually annulled in 2010.

Of course, anti-gay culture warriors are already using this story to snipe at married gay couples.

Updated on 11/14/17: I was online yesterday when I came across this story. The women in the article looked vaguely familiar so I decided to check out my archive and found that we'd already visited this story. Here is the update: Misty Spann (who is now 26-years-old) was scheduled to go to trial last week when she suddenly pleaded guilty to incest. She has received a 10-year deferred sentence. She will remain under the supervision of a correctional worker during that period.

Misty was reunited with her birth mother about three years ago. She and her siblings had been removed from her mother's custody and parental rights had been terminated. News reports indicate that the women "hit it off" after they reunited and began a romantic relationship. The elder Spann had told the young Spann that "she had received legal advise indicating that their marriage was legal." Their marriage was legally annulled last month at the request of Misty Spann "by reason of illegality and fraud."

44-year-old Patricia Spann is scheduled to appear in court on her own charge of incest in January 2018.

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