Friday, November 18, 2016

USAvengers: Who Will Be the Avenger of Your Home State? // Updated Below: Iowa's Avenger Revealed: Hawkeye! // Further Updated: All 50 Avengers Revealaed!

(Originally written on 09/01/16): A few months ago, a new comic book that grabbed my attention: U.S.AVENGERS featuring Sunspot, Red Hulk, Captain America (Danielle Cage), Iron Patriot, Cannonball, Pod, and Squirrel Girl! It's an oddball team, but I like several of the characters and the art's pretty good also.

I was on the Bleeding Cool website earlier tonight, where they have been pumping out future info being revealed at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit. This particular article got me pretty excited:
More from the Marvel presentation at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit, with the news that USAvengers will be launching in the first week of January, with a special promotion in which each state will get a different Avengerand a different cover
I can't help wondering which Avenger will end up in Iowa? One could hope for Squirrel Girl, but I'm sure that we'll end up with someone like D-Man...

Updated on 11/12/16: Marvel Comics just released several of their U.S.AVENGERS #1 variant covers, featuring each state's Avenger, including Iowa. We didn't get D-Man, but instead got assigned to Hawkeye, presumably because of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes:

That's right. We were assigned to the guy who just killed Bruce Banner and who got off on murder charges using a defense that his highly trained eyesight noticed a slight green glow, signalling a Hulk transformation that might have killed all of the Avengers. "Might have," based off some new Inhuman's clairvoyant vision. It doesn't matter that Iron Man's sensors didn't pick up on the transformation. Or that Spider-Man's spidey-sense didn't pick up on anything. Or that any psychics nearby didn't pick up on anything. That's Iowa's Avenger. Thanks Marvel Comics...

Speaking of the Hulk/Bruce Banner, Marvel Comics must really hate New Mexico. They assigned a dead Avenger (AKA Hulk AKA Bruce Banner) to New Mexico. Because who why wouldn't you want a dead Avenger to protect you? Missouri is in the same boat (they got assigned to the WWII hero, the Whizzer).

Updated on 11/18/16: Marvel Comics revealed all 50 Avengers earlier today. It was interesting to explore.

I noticed at least one other dead Avenger. This one is the Irredeemable Ant-Man, who has been assigned to Vermont.

One of my favorite lesser-used Avengers, Quasar, has been assigned to Wisconsin. Which makes sense since this was his home state.

Lastly, Iowa didn't get assigned to Demolition Man (AKA D-Man). But my home state of Nebraska did! It actually brings a perverse smile to my face to know that Nebraska is linked to a gay hero with a history of homelessness and a traumatic brain injury.

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Hawkeye is from Waverly, Iowa.