Monday, September 12, 2016

Vegas Takes Center Stage in WORLD OF ARCHIE COMICS ANNUAL #62

I was pretty excited to read WORLD OF ARCHIE COMICS ANNUAL #62 this week, largely because it included a brand-new story featuring Rex Lindsey! Rex Lindsey was the regular artist on JUGHEAD for years. That title was wrapping up by the time I got back into Archie Comics, but I've had the pleasure of reading several of his books after the fact. Very much worth revisiting! But I haven't seen too much new work by Lindsey coming out of Archie Comics, so this was a pleasant surprise -- even if he didn't re-team with Juggy in this story!

The story is called "Happiness is a Wagging Tail." It features scripting by Alex Simmons, art & lettering by Rex Lindey, and coloring by Digikore Studios.

By looking at the first page or two, you might think that this story was about Archie and Dilton. After all, they're mentoring a young boy named Denny. Dilton taught young Denny how to build a webpage. Turns out that Denny knows how to code, but he's pretty shy. Is there a way to help him overcome his shyness?

But this story is really about Vegas -- Archie's rescue dog! He discovers a bunch of homeless puppies in need of a home. Vegas sees the pups, but is unable to get his human friends to rescue the dogs so he takes it upon himself to rescue them himself! He leads the puppies to Denny's home and manages to get the boy to come up with a rescue plan!

Denny uploads pics of the pups onto his website and figures out a unique way to make friends at his news school!

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