Friday, October 21, 2016

Anti-Gay Bully Trolls Dan Parent's "Spirit Day" Message

It's Spirit Day today. (Actually, it was yesterday). But I was reminded of it today. Spirit Day is an annual bullying awareness day, with it's emphasis on LGBTQ teens. People are encouraged to wear purple on Spirit Day.

Earlier today, Dan Parent updated his Facebook image with this "Spirit Day" post of Kevin Keller from 2013. The image is accompanied by the following message: "It's SPIRIT DAY! Stand up to and say NO to bullying!"

Then about four hours ago, some guys named Jack Samson posted "I don't believe in bullying gays. I believe in getting them psychiatric help."

Dan Parent pushed back a bit with, "Jack, you're not saying homosexuality is some sort of mental illness are you? Because if you are, there's a storm a comin' your way..."

Undaunted, Jack Samson replied, "Send it. NPR has broadcast that there is a large correlation between gay sex abuse in childhood and adult homosexuality." He then wrote, "Yes they have. It was on Fresh Air about a year ago. It was a black, gay writer who said that he did the research into it and the data was there, and then the read fun started. You should have heard the rationalization that he made to deny it. He claimed that there was some bizarre magical signal that only gays are aware of that he has seen, that allowed the abuser to recognize a gay kid before he abused him. That preposterous argument was a glaring violation of Occam's Razor, and it wouldn't last ten seconds in a science journal."

He went on to repeat the assertion that all gay people adults were sexually abused as children, "The Laws of Science are absolute. They are not open to opinion and feelings. The data resolves the argument. Period. End of story."

Jack Samson began a series of posts to Dan Parent and another commenter that consisted of "Are you gay?" and "How old were you when you were abused?" and "Did you fall in love with your molester?" Repeatedly.

This is the comment that got Jack Samson blocked from Dan Parent's Facebook page: "I'm not obsessed with child molesting. I'm obsessed with psychiatry. And BTW, I appreciate your honesty. I'm asking you questions that I already know the answer to, to gauge your honesty. Victims ALWAYS become attached to their abuser. It's called the Stockholm Syndrome."

I get it that there are people who disagree with homosexuality. But you're not winning any battles by raging against gay people and slandering our life experiences. Anyway, Jack Samson did more in two hours to highlighting anti-gay bullying and harassment than an entire purple wardrobe!

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