Sunday, October 23, 2016

Birth of a BFF! Veronica & Betty Finally Bond in ARCHIE #12!

It's no secret that I'm chronically behind on many of my comics. I just sat down and read ARCHIE #12 from start to finish. The election is over. Hiram Lodge isn't the mayor of Riverdale -- much to his outrage. Last issue ended with Archie and Betty making up over their recent feud with a hug. Unfortunately, Veronica and Sayid both saw this private huge and neither is happy to see the person that they're dating is getting close with the person that they were recently dating!

So this is the issue where Archie tries to get back in Veronica's good graces -- with a little help from his ex!

But it's also the issue where Betty and Veronica finally seem to set aside their animosity is put their cards out on the table -- and plant real seeds for their close friendship for the first time since the New Riverdale continuity got launched.

Betty admits to Veronica in this story that she's still into Archie -- but not really. That they share a long history of friendship that predates their dating relationship and that she really misses her friendship with Betty. And if she's a true friend to Archie and if he really loves Veronica, then Betty would be a horrible friend to Archie if she sabotaged that relationship.

Of course, Veronica ends up getting shipped away from Riverdale at the end of the story. Mr. Lodge is too vain to remain in the small town that just voted against the riches and most powerful man in the state. And ARCHIE #13 -- which is currently on my living room table, waiting for me to pick up -- promises to introduce Cheryl Blossom to New Riverdale.

But it's good to finally see the birth of Betty & Veronica. BFFs 4-Ever!

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