Monday, October 24, 2016

Cheryl Blossom Makes Her New Riverdale Debut!

I read my copy of ARCHIE #13 and I have to say that I really like the new artist!! It's Joe Eisma and he does a great job of transitioning to this new phase in the book!

Veronica got shipped off to a private boarding school following Hiram Lodge's electoral loss in Riverdale USA. Now she finds herself cut off from Archie, Betty, and the rest of the Riverdale Gang and forced to re-establish her life with a new batch of teens.

ARCHIE #13 also introduces Cheryl Blossom to New Riverdale. Or New Switzerland... You know what I mean...

Cheryl immediately befriends Veronica and manages to pry a confessional out of our favorite Riverdale debutante. Which felt awful good at the time, but I'm sure that Veronica will soon come to regret this bit of bonding time!

After all, this is Cheryl Blossom. She's always been awful. And her reputation as a horrid girl quickly becomes actualized in this story, much to Veronica's dismay. I won't ruin the details, but it's clear that Veronica's time in public school has rubbed off on her for the better.

Incidentally, we gained a bit more insight into Veronica's reality TV past. It seems that the show has moved on without her, and Cheryl joined the cast post-Lodge -- with fiery results!

ARCHIE #13 features story by Mark Waid (with Lori Matsumoto), art by Joe Eisma, lettering by Jack Morelli, and coloring by Andre Szymanowicz.

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