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Cyclops Declares War on the Inhumans in DEATH OF X #2! (I've Got a Theory About That) // Updated 11/23/16: And My Theory Is Correct!

(Originally written on 10/20/16): I'm two issues into DEATH OF X. This is the 4-issue mini-series that took us readers back to the day that the X-Men realized that the Terrigan Mists are toxic to mutants. Jamie Madrox was supposedly killed on that day (along with countless other mutant researchers who shall forever remain nameless) and others like Goldballs became very ill very quickly. This is also the story that will tell us readers what Cyclops did to become the most hated mutant alive. He supposedly did something so terrible that humanity's fear of mutants went through the roof and Inhumanity declared war against anyone with an x-gene. Pretty much.

Turns out -- unless something really awful happens in DEATH OF X #3 -- that Cyclops mentally projected a warning into the minds of everyone on the planet, with help from Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos. He told everyone that the Inhumans dropped a Terrigan bomb on the planet that is toxic to mutants -- and probably toxic to humanity as well!

The result of this warning resulted in horrible riots and mass panic. It resulted on attacks against the Inhumans. DEATH OF X #2 ended with a new Inhuman named Daisuke using his powers to put hundreds of mutants to sleep -- along with several unsuspecting X-Men. It appears that Cyclops, Emma, and their forces will use footage of that defensive attack to spread more fear and to promote further retaliation by meaner mutants like Magento.

Anyway, I have a theory about Cyclops in this mini-series and I'm going to put it out there. But let me lay out some scenes first.

In DOX #1, Cyclops went to answer a distress call along with several other X-Men, including Emma Frost, Iceman, Magik, the Stepford Cuckoos, and Goldballs. They found the island enveloped by a cloud of Terrigan Mists and everyone on the island was dead, including Jamie Madrox. Goldballs got sick and was evacuated to a hospital -- though he apparently got better, because he's become a supporting character in the SPIDER-MAN book -- unless the editorial staff forgot about this. Cyclops, Beast, and Emma confirmed that the Terrigan Mists are toxic to mutants -- and then Cyclops gets sick and collapses on the floor!

Fortunately for his fans, Cyclops recovers and manages to greet Iceman and Magik with Emma upon their return to Muir Island. He might not be feeling very well, but he is pissed...

... at the Inhumans for their purposeful attack on mutantkind!

Then in DOX #2, Cyclops -- with some telepathic assistance from Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos -- warns the world about the dangers of the Inhumans and their Terrigenic death-clouds: "The Terrigan Cloud is toxic to mutants. And it is likely just as fatal to humans. We can no longer trust the Inhumans. And we can no longer allow this danger to us all to exist. For too long you have all feared and hatred mutants... All the while, Inhumans were releasing the real threat into the very air we breathe. The Inhumans lied to you. The X-Men will save you."

This is where my theory becomes really obvious. Maybe you've already caught a whiff of where I'm going with this. The Stepford Cuckoos are responding to something odd here, but Emma Frost hushes them before they can articulate their own concerns for the readers:

Magik tries to figure out where Cyclops is taking all of this, but he and Emma rush off alone into the research facility:

Fast forward several pages and Emma is fretting in her new office, trying to draw strength from Cyclops. "There's no turning back!!"

Cyclops then steps forward and reveals Magik and Colossus that he's pulling in Earth's most powerful mutants to push back against the threat of the Inhumans. "You can fight with us, or you can sit back and die!" (I'm paraphrasing.)

And here is the first of Cyclops' powerful new allies, who doesn't seem to be chatting it up with Scott, but someone else...

I know what you're thinking. Cyclops is delegating responsibilities to Emma Frost. Rights?


Here's my theory. Cyclops is dead. He was killed in DEATH OF X #1 in the panel way up above towards the beginning of this post. At the very least, he's comatose. Emma Frost -- whacked from grief and anger -- has made Cyclops into a meat-puppet. Essentially, she's animating his body and speaking through him.

Emma has launched this revenge-filled war against the Inhumans using Cyclops' body as the public figurehead. And things will never be the same again -- at least, until Marvel Comics rehabs Scott Summers' image at some point in the future!

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Updated on 11/23/16: I was right! Cyclops was killed by the Terrigan Mists in DEATH OF X #1 and Emma has been using her telepathic abilities to make his death mean something and to inspire mutants everywhere to rise up against the Inhumans!

From DEATH OF X #4.

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