Saturday, October 15, 2016

Like Adult Coloring Books? Tired of This Election? Get Your Copy of DONALD VS HILLARY 2016 COMMEMORATIVE COLORING BOOK!

Speaking of adult coloring books, I recently pledged to a Kickstarter campaign. It was an adult coloring book featuring Paul Kupperberg and Cliff Mott titled DONALD VS HILLARY 2016 COMMEMORATIVE COLORING BOOK:
There has never been a presidential election like this one! Both candidates have higher negatives than any nominee before them! Coverage is non-stop 24/7 on every network and website! Now RELAX and chill out with some humorous, therapeutic coloring books for you to wile away your anxiety! Whether you dislike Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (or BOTH), you'll get a kick out of these original collectors' edition coloring books created by the comic geniuses Paul Kupperberg and Cliff Mott, creators who had toiled for years at The Weekly World News, Cracked magazine and other humor outlets.
This adult coloring book lampoons both politicians, so don't worry if you prefer one candidate over the other!

Unfortunately, the crowdfunding campaign wasn't successful. Which is sad, because it had some cool incentives! But you can purchase a copy on Amazon or CreateSpace.

So order your copy and get your copy before the Election Day!

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