Friday, October 14, 2016

Scrappy Goes Vertical in SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #6!

I continue to pick up issues of SCOOBY APOCALYPSE. In case you forgot, this comic book is part of DC Comics' effort to re-imagine the various Hanna-Barbera properties. In this title, Scooby and the Gang are some of the vary few folks not affected by nanites that transformed everyone else into murderous monsters. Oh, and the Scooby Gang all hates each other.

I picked up SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #6 earlier this week, which focuses on Velma -- revealing her origin as an oddball genius who never fit in and emphasizing her role in the creation of the nanites that turned Earth into a Living Hell. Which was interesting.

But I was all about the back-up story in this issue, titled "The Adventures of Scrappy-Doo & the Scrappy Gang." This featured the writing of Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis, the artwork of Dale Eaglesham, coloring by Hi-Fi, and lettering by Travis Lanham.

See, in addition to the monster-creating nanites, Velma, the Five, and their shadow organization also experimented on dogs. Scooby was one of these "smartdogs." He's considered a failure because he's not naturally aggressive. But there were other smartdogs and they have managed to escape from the Five's underground lair.

These smartdogs are mostly reverting back to their natural bestial natures at this point in the story, but their leader isn't. I'm talking about Scrappy-Doo! Scrappy may be small, but he's a tough cookie. I've always liked him and haven't quite understood why modern takes on the character insist on making him a rogue villain.

In this short story, Scrappy activates some newly-installed nanotech that was recently installed within him. This nanotech has the ability to morph his bone structure, build up his strength, and enhance his healing factor, among other enhancements. The above image is the end result of this new nanotech!

Which is pretty cool, as his new transformation has made him look much more like his traditional appearances in cartoons and movies.

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