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Waterloo, IA: Home of Political Candidate Spray-Painted with Anti-Gay Graffiti

This is actually a few days old, but thought I might as well write up a few posts about the election cycle here in Iowa. So there's this candidate for the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors named Christopher Schwartz. He's a Democrat in a sea of GOP. Plus he's gay. And he's out about that.

A group called the Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ learned that he's gay last Sunday and posted this, accompanied by a pic of a pair of rough-looking drag performers:
Chris Schwartz who is running for Black Hawk County Supervisor said that his biggest accomplishment was bringing Cedar Valley Pridefest (Celebration of Sin) to Black Hawk County.... 

So, we have a pro-gay socialist who is to the left of Bernie Sanders, who wants to increase regulation, have a county board increase minimum wage, hurt businesses, employees, and continue to bring debauchery to our community... Does anyone else see a major problem here? 

Christians in our community better start stepping up and put a stop to this!
Schwartz became aware of the post, publicly acknowledged it, and essentially shrugged. With a bunch of "this is why you need to vote for me" words in the process. Which garnered a response from CVPFC on 10/26/16:
My Official Response to the Eastern Iowa Atheists and Chris Schwartz: 
Christ Schwartz and the Eastern Iowa Atheists will get no apology from me, or Patriots for Christ for standing up for our beliefs, and standing up for Biblical truth. We have a right just as they do to express their opinions. We believe there are many in the community that do not appreciate Cedar Valley Pridefest and it's debauchery and mockery against God. It is NOT a family friendly environment. 
Despite all their real hatred towards God, I would like to remind them that God loves them and there is way out of their sinful captivity. That way through, is Jesus Christ. We are all sinners in need of a savior and they can still turn from sin, repent, and seek Christ.
And then a subsequent response:
So, I guess Chris Schwartz called our post a "hate" post and is now raising money and accusing Patriots for Christ of "hate" and "bigotry". 
What do you call it when people send you porn pictures of gay sex? What do you call it when people tell you that they want to rid the area of Christians who speak truth? What do you call it when they call you fat, ugly, call you stupid for believing in God, bigot, hateful, etc....etc...etc...? 
How tolerant of him.... Is this what you want in a County Supervisor? 
If you don't want more hostility towards Christians and Biblical truth from your local government.... If you don't want more economic incompetence... 
Please share this with your friends, and tell the people in your churches (PASTORS) that this is what you are up against. I have taken the shots to expose this evil, now do your part and act on it! 
You can vote for 3 Republicans who I know for a fact, are not hostile towards Bible believing Christians.
A few hours later (on the morning of 10/27/16), Chris Schwartz posted this:
This is what we woke-up to at our home this morning. This is a hate crime. The police are on the way. We need your help to combat this hate. Please donate or sign-up to volunteer at
His post was accompanied by several pics. Most of them were political yard signs that had been spray-painted over with words like "FAG." His front door was spray-pained with "Lev 20:13."

So this story went viral. It's been all over the Internet and all over the local news. It went viral enough that CVPFC eventually came out with slimy FB post that offered to help out Chris Schwartz and his partner, but not before insinuating that this is all a huge homo hoax:
CVPFC will help pay for the costs of Chris Schwart's home. 
As we have stated many times. We do not hate anyone or condone violence. Becoming a Christian is a choice. As Christians we are to spread the gospel and let people decide their eternity. 
That being said, we believe this vandalism looks like a hoax. It is a tactic right out of the leftist playbook. 
But nevertheless, we will help cover the costs. We do not condone these activities.
Honestly, their accusation that this was a hoax is part of the reason that I didn't post about it in the first place. Unfortunately, people do this. They claim that someone attacked them or their home with homophobic or racist words (or pro-BLM or whatever) and then we subsequently find out that it was just a plea for attention. I'm hoping that Schwartz wasn't stupid enough to stage a graffiti attack on his home in order to gain voter sympathy. Not only would it be wrong if he did that, but it would blow up in his face politically if he did that. So I'm assuming that his house was actually defaced with anti-gay slurs and Bible verses.

Anyway, CVPFC must be getting lots of push-back from the community. I'll be honest. I haven't dived into the comments. It's been way too busy for me recently to even attempt that, but they CVPFC ended up posting this "we're not haters" post to justify their recent targeting against Chris Schwartz:
I will write this again one more time. It's really not that difficult to understand. 
As Christians, we believe every human life is precious. We believe that we are all sinners in need of a savior. 
On the topic of Homosexuality, we believe that homosexuality is a sin. And like all sin, your sins can be forgiven and hour life can be set free from sin by repenting and accepting Jesus as your savior. 
Anyone can do it. But it requires faith and submission to Christ. 
Christians do not hate anyone. As Christians, we do not want to see anyone go to hell. That is why we tell you there is a way out of your sin! It is not out of hate that so many claim. It is out of love we tell you this. 
The "world" has been telling all of you a lie! That love means acceptance of behavior and poor choices. And those who disagree must "hate" you. 
Christians do not hate you! We believe in a God who can free you from sin and we are compelled to share this awesome news with you. 
Hate is not what you think it is. Love is not what you have been taught it is. As Christians, we would be total hypocrites if we knew your life and salvation was in danger and we said nothing about it. 
It's your choice to accept or reject what the Bible says. However, Sin has eternal consequences and Jesus is the answer. 
This is NOT a hate message. The is a Love message that applies to all sinners. 
If anyone would like to discuss more, or need prayer, We would be happy to tell you more about Jesus and how you can be free from sin and find a new life through him.
As always, I will post more if I learn more.

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