Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Behold! The Hipster Nativity!

I just got back from Church Council tonight. I approached our Worship Committee member and showed her something that I would absolutely love to see in our sanctuary: a Hipster Nativity!

It's a 10-piece nativity featuring a solar-powered manager, Joseph taking selfies of Baby Jesus and Mary with his iPod, Segway-riding wise men with presents, and an iPad-watching shepherd. The nativity costs $130 -- and it's apparently already sold out.

The Hipster Nativity was well received at my church and may have inspired some of next year's Christmas decorations at our church!

According to the creator, the Hipster Nativity has been a lightning rod for attention this year:
“We have quickly found out that this product is very polarizing,” Casey Wright, a co-founder of Modern Nativity, the single-product company behind the idea, told CNBC. “It’s usually, ‘This is hilarious, I need one,’ or ‘This is sacrilegious, I hope you burn in hell,’ and almost nothing in between those two extremes.

“Amazingly,” he added, “a lot of people seem very concerned about the proper definition of a millennial and a hipster, too. We get comments like, ‘Segways aren’t hipster. They’re technically early-stage millennial with a tinge of East Coast liberal.'”
In other words, you either love it or hate it.

(I kind of love it...)

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