Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Johnson County Election Leaders to Public: Stop Destroying Each Others' Signs!

It's the rare election where I don't get out and cast my vote. And I'm generally aware of what's happening politically around me. But I never put political stickers on my car. And I never post campaign signs in my yard. In my mind, it just invites people to vandalize your property.

It's no shocker that the 2016 President Election has been particularly polarizing. And I've heard stories of stolen and destroyed campaign signs repeatedly over the past few months. But this campaign has apparently been worse than previous years. It's bad enough that Johnson County's Auditor and the local Chairs of both major political parties got together to tell people to take a collective chill pill:
The Johnson County Auditor and the chairs of the Johnson County Republicans and Johnson County Democrats are asking the public not to damage or vandalize campaign signs. 
The Auditor’s Office has received more complaints than usual about damage to signs this year, and it needs to stop. Emotions are high and opinions are strong in these last days before the election, but everyone’s First Amendment rights should be respected. 
Voters who have had their signs damaged should not hesitate to contact their city police department or the Johnson County Sheriff. 
This reminder was jointly written by Martha Hedberg (Chair of the Johnson County Democrats), Bill Keettel (Chair of the Johnson County Republicans), and Travis Weipert (Johnson County Auditor).

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