Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Marvel to Launch New Inhumans Comic Books: ROYALS and SECRET WARRIORS

Marvel Comics keeps launching new titles featuring the Inhumans. Next month, there will be a "Inhumans VS X-Men" mini-series, featuring the final battle between the Inhumans and the mutants after Beast discovers that the Terrigan Mists will swell to toxic levels within a few weeks. I've read some of the solicits. It looks like the Inhuman Royal Family will be captured and imprisoned in Limbo, Magneto will occupy Attilan, and someone might actually do something about that damn toxic cloud of gas that's killing off the X-Men!

Afterwards, Marvel Comics will launch a new label called "ResurrXion," which will result in some new x-titles (touched on here). Now it appears that the Inhumans will get some new book as part of "ResurrXion" also!

One of them is a BLACK BOLT title, which really doesn't interest me. One that does interest me is ROYALS. It will feature most of the Inhuman Royal Family (Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, and Gorgon) and some of their newer Inhumans (Flint and Swain), plus Marvel Boy!

Incidentally, this would be a great opportunity for the Guardians of the Galaxy to leave Earth instead of moping around about their destroyed starship. Just saying...

The Royals will travel deep within the former Kree Empire to discover the secret of Terrigenesis. Nto that they haven't already gone deep within the former Kree Empire in the recent past, but I guess they'll go even deeper this time around!

There's another new Inhumans title that also grabbed my attention: SECRET WARRIORS! The original secret warriors were a group of covert super-spies who were being manipulated by Nick Fury into doing all sorts of covert and nasty things. This new group is also supposed to be clandestine and spy-centered and such, but I'm dubious.

After all, this team consists of Quake, Karnak, Inferno, Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur! There apparently will be some other non-Inhuman team members on this team (besides Devil Dinosaur -- who used to be a mutant, but not for a while!).

So I'm torn with SECRET WARRIORS. I enjoy Moon Girl and Ms. Marvel (not to mention Devil Dinosaur) but I really don't like SHIELD or spy stories or stuff like that. So I'm not sure if I will get this book. But I really want to give it a try!!

These new books are scheduled for release in early 2017.

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