Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nero at Daycare -- 11/22/16 // Plus: Nero & Chevy at Pre-Thanksgiving Day Fest!

Nero continues to go to doggy daycare, but doesn't show up too often these days on their blog. But he showed up on the blog yesterday -- and it was a pretty good pic of him! Check it out:

Last night, Husband Mark and I hosted our annual pre-Thanksgiving Day meal. It goes back to the days when Mark used to travel out east alone for Thanksgiving Day, so we would invite over friends and have a Tuesday evening feast of our own. We had about six people over last night and it was a pretty good feast!

Once the food was eaten and cleared out of the area, Nero and Chevy got to join the party -- and they did their fair share to keep our guests entertained! Especially when Nero decided that he wanted to become a lap dog with me! Check this out:

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