Sunday, November 27, 2016

Who Is Miss Muscles?

I wrote last night about Mr. Muscles, his short-lived Charlton Comics comic book series, and Kid Muscles. Mr. Muscles is the "world's mightiest man" and he has dedicated his life to achieving physical and mental perfection.

MR. MUSCLES was a two-issue comic book series consisting of several short stories. It mainly featured Mr. Muscles and, to a lesser extent, his teen sidekick Kid Muscles.

But we were introduced to a third character in MR. MUSCLES #22 named Miss Muscles. No clue what her real name is, but she's apparently a member of Mr. Muscles' gym. And she's very strong!

The women who belong to Miss Muscles' gym are very catty. Two of the women learned from the local gossip column that our heroine. Upset that Miss Muscles gets all of the breaks, they wonder if she would be able to make it to her date with a broken bone or leg! They attempt a sneak attack -- which doesn't turn out in their favor!

And that's pretty much Miss Muscles' one and only appearance. She drives by the gym and shows off her hotshot Hollywood hunk to the two bruised and battered broads!

As far as I can tell, Miss Muscles only appeared in that one two-page short story. Which is a shame! I keep thinking that it would be great to read more stories about Miss Muscles. I mean, her print adventures only provided a template about what could have been! I have an idea for a story that includes Miss Muscles, inspired by CW's "Legends of Tomorrow." Maybe...

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