Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ghost Rider Too Expensive for "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Remember when Ghost Rider was added to the cast of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." earlier this year? He was an interesting addition a team that included super-spies, Inhumans, and androids.

Hopefully you enjoyed watching the Spirit of Vengeance on the small-screen because his special effects are too expensive:
The producers also admitted that “financial considerations” played a role in snuffing Ghost Rider’s flame. After all, telling the story of LMDs (or Life Model Decoys), as played by Mallory Jansen and now Ming-Na Wen, “doesn’t cost as much” as setting a guy’s head on fire via CGI, Bell quipped.
The article hints that Ghost Rider might reappear in the television series.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kevin Goes on a Prom Date in LIFE WITH KEVIN #3! Plus: Did I Hear Archie Comics' First Fart?

I just downloaded my digital copy of Archie Comics' LIFE WITH KEVIN #3. It had much less same-sex smoochies than LIFE WITH KEVIN #2, but it turned out to be one of the sweeter issues of this series!

LIFE WITH KEVIN is the story of Kevin Keller's life during those early post-college months where he's settled in New York City and begun work as a low-rung gofer for a television network. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kevin and his clumsiness landed him a regular gig on "Mid-day Live With Babs" -- usually doing embarrassing segments about stuff like butt implants. And that's in addition to his regular work tasks.

Kevin finally gets fed up in this issue of LWK and seemingly quits "Mid-day Live With Babs," and quite possibly the television station in general after one more televised stunt. I'm just not sure if the station will let him quit given his high ratings!

Also, he somehow ended up with Veronica Lodge as his roommate. She did something to anger her father early in the series and now finds herself slumming it with Kevin -- and often acting as a bit of a cock block!

Lastly, I think that LIFE WITH KEVIN #3 features Archie Comics' first fart. I've never seen fart jokes before in an Archie Comics comic book, but Kevin can't stop tooting during his yoga date!

But LIFE WITH KEVIN #3 is really about Kevin and 18-year-old Jason Markley. Last issue, Jason wrote a fan letter to Kevin. He told Kevin that he's an unpopular loner and that he has no friends -- and it would make him ever so happy if Kevin would go to the prom with him. Kevin was on the fence last issue, but apparently decided to go through with the date. And he was pretty excited about it!

The guys have good chemistry and Kevin teaches Jason how to loosen up and not worry so much about what others think about him. Not only that, but he also plants some love-seeds between Jason and another teen named Barry! Their date ends with a kiss, which was pretty sweet.

Of course, Veronica ended up live-streaming the date without Kevin's knowledge or permission. I'm sure that will come back to bite them next issue! Speaking of next issue, I think that LIFE WITH KEVIN #4 is the second to last issue of the bunch. Which is sad, because I've really enjoyed this series!

"I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can" features script, pencils, and colors by Dan Parent plus inks by J. Bone and letters by Jack Morelli.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Remembering "The Facts of Life" Reunion Episode from Season 8

I shared about my love of the old "The Facts of Life" 80s sitcom several times in the past (here, here, here, and here). Honestly, it falls someone on my personal top ten list of favorite television shows.

Over the years, I have collected all of the early seasons of the program on DVD. Except for seasons 8-9, because you couldn't find those episodes on DVD. And then earlier this month, I was browsing on Amazon and noticed that these two elusive seasons are finally for sale and they were quickly added to my Christmas list.

Long story made short: My mother-in-law gave me a DVD collection of "The Facts of Life: Season Eight" for Christmas!

This is the season that wrote out Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Garrett and introduced us to the beloved sister that we'd never heard of before, Beverly Ann Stickle (played by Cloris Leachman). She eventually adopted series regular Andy Moffett (played by my teenage crush, Mackenzie Astin) and gave us a reason for this young boy to continually hang around the house.

I just watched one of the episodes from this particular season that stands out particularly well in my memory. It's titled "The Little Chill." It reunited the current cast with most of the girls (minus Molly, played by the famous Molly Ringwald) who were written out of the show following season one. The returning girls were Nancy (played by Felice Schacter), Cindy (played by Julie Anne Haddock), and Sue Ann (played by Julie Pierkarski).

Nancy was getting married and Tootie thought that an Eastland Reunion would be a great way to celebrate! Everyone was having a great time -- except for series regular Jo (played by Nancy McKeon), who joined the cast in season two and single-handedly replaced four series regulars! Jo felt like a fifth wheel throughout this episode (or was it a seventh wheel?). She didn't recognize any of their stories and ended up sulking by herself.

Which makes absolutely no sense to me! Let's travel back in time to clarify some continuity -- something that "The Facts of Life" did pretty well during it's first four years or so! Charlotte Rae received the lead role as Mrs. Garrett (following her popular run on "Diff'rent Strokes") and became the housemother in a dormitory at Eastland School, a private all-girls boarding school. Her girls included Blair (played by Lisa Whelchel), Nancy, Molly, Tootie (played by Kim Fields), Cindy, Natalie (played by Mindy Cohn), and Sue Ann. Mrs. Garrett had a good time with her girls and most of the episodes revolved around life lessons. It was a good show.

But the producers feared that there were too many characters for a traditional sitcom. So they picked their favorites from the first season (Blair, Natalie, and Tootie) and got rid of the rest (Cindy, Molly, Nancy, and Sue Ann). And then they introduced the outsider character -- tough (and poor) girl, Jo Polniaczek from the Bronx. The four main characters then got into trouble with the law and ended up working in the school's cafeteria -- under the supervision of school dietitian Mrs. Garrett!

The audience loved these changes and this new core cast of characters remained central to the series for most of the program's run -- long after the girls all graduated from Eastland and moved on to college and careers.

But Jo knew those first season cast-offs! All four girls (Cindy, Molly, Nancy, and Sue Ann) made recurring appearances throughout season two. And Nancy appeared more than once in season three. They interacted with Jo. They studied with Jo. They went on school trips with Jo. In other words, they certainly weren't strangers. Especially Nancy. So while it might be true that Blair, Natalie, and Tootie shared at least one year at Eastland School with the other girls that didn't include Jo, they also shared several other adventures as a group that included Jo.

I get that the the Season Eight producers of "The Facts of Life" were counting on this reunion episode to excite fans who weren't as continuity-driven as I am. And I guess they needed someone (besides Beverly Ann) to serve the role of the outside. But it's kind of annoying to watch.

No More Kings!

I was checking out Facebook last night and began seeing references to the following Christmas message from the Republican National Committee, which seemingly celebrates our new King (AKA President-elect Donald Trump).

I dismissed the message, because it seemed clear to me that they were referencing Jesus Christ and not Trump. But it's still all over the news today. The RNC has clarified that they weren't talking about Trump, but instead Jesus' birth.

Which made me think of "No More Kings," one of the "School House Rocks" songs from my childhood. This particular song dealt with the American Colonies, the Boston Tea Party, and the launching of the American Revolutionary War. The United States of America don't have a King and members of all political parties need to push back against the notion political legacies.

You can watch the entire video here.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Remembering My Favorite "Doctor Who" Christmas Episode: "K-9 and Company!"

It's become a tradition over the past decade or so that there be a "Doctor Who"-themed Christmas special. I've seen some really good ones and I've seen ones that have put me to sleep. Literally. But it's not always been that way. It was pretty much unheard of for there to be a Christmas episode during the first few decades of the show's existence. But one Christmas episode does indeed exist from Doctor Who's early years -- and it happens to be my absolute favorite Doctor Who Christmas episode. Even though it features two of the Doctor's former companions and even though he only receives a brief mention. 

I'm talking about "K-9 and Company," the original Doctor Who spin-off that never made it past the pilot stage. K-9 and Company made its debut on December 28, 1981, and featured Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), K-9 (John Leeson), and a variety of new characters such as Brendan Richards (Ian Sears) and Aunt Lavinia (Mary Wimbush).

Here is the plot: Sarah Jane Smith moves to the country estate of her Aunt Lavinia at Christmastime in order to write a book. She is disappointed and confused that her aunt is missing and begins investigating her absence. (She was whisked away early for a unexpected lecturing tour in the States.) She is quickly joined by her aunt's ward, Brendan Richards, and then discovers a Christmas package from the Doctor: a mechanical dog named K-9!

It turns out that there is an active coven of Pagan in the area and they have targeted their aggression on Aunt Lavinia (because of some blunt anti-Pagan letters that she had written for the local newspaper) and Brendan (presumably because he's young and pure and his blood sacrifice is needed to help the crops to prosper). Brendan is eventually kidnapped by the Pagans and nearly killed on Midnight of the Winter Solstice. Fortunately, K-9's lasers and Sarah Jane's fighting skills save Brendan from death and defeat the coven!

Keep in mind that there is very little mystery to the identities of the coven. Pretty much everyone in town belongs to the coven. You know this because they were all revealed as members of the coven during the opening scene. The only mystery was the identity of the coven leaders. 

I've always wondered what K-9 and Company would have been like if it had moved beyond the pilot stage? The mentioned that there were similar covens scatted throughout England. Would the show have focused on those covens? Would they have explored other threats? We'll never know, unfortunately!

Interesting notes. Ian Sears (who played Brendan) appeared in an early episode of "Morse" and Mary Wimbush (who played Aunt Lavinia) appeared in an episode of "Midsomer Murders."

Friday, December 23, 2016

Ryan Buell of "Paranormal State" Steps Down from the Paranormal Research Society

It's been a fews months since Ryan Buell (formerly of "Paranormal State") was arrested and charged with felonies and misdemeanors related to various thefts. He's been out of jail since October and finally issued an official statement on his official Facebook page. Buell says a lot, but doesn't really address any specific accusations. But he finally admitted that he is struggling and that he's become a liability to the organization that he created, PRS (AKA the Paranormal Research Society). He doesn't really spell it out, but the implication is that he is quitting PRS.

You can read his entire message here:

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Remembering the Gayest Holiday TV Special Ever Made: "Chalet 2000!"

I've been highlighting various Christmas/wintertime specials that hold special spots in my heart. I wrote earlier this week about one of the most unintentionally gay Christmas specials in history. Here is the most intentionally gay wintertime special in history: "Chalet 2000!" It was created back in the 1990s by Scott Thompson and the Kid in the Hall.

To be clear, this wasn't a Christmas special. Instead, it takes place on Night Day (AKA December solstice AKA the shortest day/longest night of the year). So if I'd really planned this, I would have written this yesterday!

Here's the basics: Plagued by scandal, Queen Elizabeth flees for sanctuary with her longtime friend, Buddy Cole, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. There they are joined by Buddy's French trapper friends Jacques and Francois, his two handsome and scantily clad boytoys Rebel and Sinbad, his uninspired butler Pierre, and his adoptive son Castor the Beaver! Buddy pushes the Queen into a romantic affair with Castor -- just in time for one final scandal by the scurrilous paparazzi Lanky Dean! Will the Monarchy survive "Chalet 2000"???

Did I mention that Rebel is played by Dayo Ade, who starred as BLT in "Degrassi Junior High" and "Degrassi High?"

Did I mention that Rip Taylor makes a surprise cameo appearance towards the end?

The full episode of "Chalet 2000" can be found at this link.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ken Ham & the Ark Encounter's Christmas Message: We're Taking the Rainbow from the LGBT Communities!

Joe My God shared a story today about the Ark Encounter amusement park down in Kentucky. The Ark Encounter's owners have decorated the entire property in a rainbow motif. Because Noah's Ark --> the Rainbow, right?

Of course, Ken Ham has to turn this bit of seasonal decorating into a slam on the LGBT communities. From his blog:
Taking the Rainbow Back! 
In recent times the rainbow (albeit with some different colors) has come to represent something far different. To many people it means freedom, love, pride, a new era, and, specifically, the LGBTQ movement. Indeed when the US Supreme Court legalized gay “marriage” last year, the White House was lit up in rainbow colors and released a statement saying, 
Tonight, the White House was lit to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to progress and equality, here in America and around the world. . . . The pride colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, and tonight, these colors celebrate a new chapter in the history of American civil rights. 
But the rainbow itself wasn’t designed to be a symbol of freedom, love, pride, or the LGBTQ movement. God created this beautiful, colorful phenomenon and designated it as a sign of His covenant with Noah and his descendants forever. 
Sadly, people ignore what God intended the rainbow to represent and proudly wave rainbow-colored flags in defiance of God’s command and design for marriage. Because of this, many Christians shy away from using the rainbow colors. But the rainbow was a symbol of God’s promises before the LGBTQ movement—and will continue to be after that movement has ended. As Christians, we need to take the rainbow back and teach our young people its true meaning.
Which is silly. Nobody owns the rainbow. The rainbow is colored light. It's not something that you can touch or possess. It just exists.

That's what I wrote about the rainbow nearly six years ago in the blog spot: Who owns the Rainbow?

In that post, I talked about a woman who saw my rainbow fish bumper sticker and said she wished she could have a rainbow fish bumper sticker too, but she wouldn't get one because she didn't want people to mistake her for a lesbian. She was upset that gay people had stolen and ruined this previously untarnished Christian symbol (except for the times that it's used by Pagans or grieving pet owners).

Since then, a commenter expressed similar concerns in one of my blog articles and NOM ally, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute regularly wears a rainbow scarf if an effort to "get the rainbow back from gays."

And then there was the post back in May 2012 where ex-gay activist Janet Boynes began hawking her "TAK-N BACK THE RAINBOW" plastic wristbands.

There is no reason that the rainbow cannot share important symbolism for both Christians and LGBT people (or even Christian LGBT people!). Christians can believe that the rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to humanity that he won't bring back worldwide floods and LGBT people can use the rainbow to symbolize diversity and pride.

Here is my gay invitation to any and all Christians out there, gay-affirming or not: Wear your rainbow scarf along with your rainbow wristband. Get a rainbow fish bumper sticker and put it on your car. Put on your multi-colored plastic rainbow. rejoice in your ability to shine colored lights on your favorite religious-themed building. Proudly claim the rainbow as a symbol of your Christian faith and if someone asks you about it, use the opportunity to share your faith with others.

The rainbow is big enough for everyone to share. It's not just the Christians or the gays who see it off in the horizon after every rainstorm. The rainbow is for everyone.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Remembering the Most Unintentionally Gay Christmas Special in History: "Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special!"

I was on the Gay Christian Network earlier today and somebody asked for ideas of gay holiday movies or specials. This one from my childhood immediately popped into my mind: "Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special!"

Keep in mind that it's not a gay Christmas special, but given that it features everyone from Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Charo, the Del Rubio Triplets, Magic Johnson, Whoopie Goldberg, k.d. lang, Grace Jones, Little Richard, Joan Rivers, Dinah Shore, Oprah, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and the UCLA Men's Glee Club... Well, it's pretty gay.

Here are some of the clips from the opening song:

You can watch the entire program here.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Woman from Bethlehem Steals Baby Jesus from Nativity // Flashback to Dragnet's "The Big Little Jesus!"

I heard about a new story over the weekend involving a woman in Bethlehem, PA, who was accused of stealing a porcelain statue of Baby Jesus from a local Nativity scene. Police say that she took the statue to the local hospital and left it with a note: "Child has broken foot which is been (sic) neglected. Parents Joseph and Mary Christ got a warning." The 49-year-old woman has been charged with theft and institutional vandalism.

This reminded me of an episode of "Dragnet" that airs every Christmas -- sometimes more often -- titled "The Big Little Jesus." I've heard the radio version of this story and I've seen a televised version of the story. I decided to check out the televised episode last night after hearing about this news story. Here's how the "Dragnet" episode goes:

Sgt. Joe Friday and Officer Frank Smith are called out to an old Catholic church. Father Rojas reports that a statue of the Baby Jesus was stolen from the Church's Nativity scene during the morning mass. It's a special statue that's been around for years, so the priest is anxious to regain the statue before the Christmas mass: 24 hours from now!

Friday and Smith track down a few leads and learn of a man named Claude Stroup. He was at the morning mass and was seen holding a wrapped package. Stroup lives in a halfway house for guys who are down-and-out. The police officers spend all of their energy arresting and questioning Stroup, only to discover that he had nothing to do with the theft.

Friday and Smith sadly return to the church and tell Father Rojas that they've failed to find the missing statue. Suddenly, the church doors burst open and a young boy walks down the aisle pulling a wagon. And in the wagon? It's the Baby Jesus!

The boy's name is Paco Mendoza. He prayed and prayed for a red wagon for Christmas and promised God that he would take Baby Jesus for the first ride if he received a red wagon. The boy was forgiven by both the priest and the cops, and he assisted with replacing the Baby Jesus in the Nativity scene!

And that's the story of "The Big Little Jesus." Which featured a much more forgiving ending than this weekend's incident!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Susan Olsen of "Brady Bunch" Goes on Anti-Gay Attack Against Critic; Ends Up Losing her Radio Gig // Updated: Susan Olsen Wants You to Know That She Wasn't Fired from LA Talk Radio & She's A Friend to the LGBT Communities

(Originally written on 12/10/16): I shared my deep fondness for all things Brady late last month after Florence Henderson's death. Sadly, my fondness was challenged yesterday with a reminder that you should never know too much about your Hollywood heroes.

News broke yesterday about a minor controversy involving Susan Olsen (FKA Cindy Brady of the "Brady Bunch"). She has a radio talk show on LA Talk Radio. I understand that it's a talk show featuring two hosts, one (Susan Olsen) who is coming from the right and another host who isn't.

I've never heard the show, but I've seen her Facebook page. She's very pro-Trump. She is anti-Muslim. She peddles (or at least dances around) right-wing conspiracies, like the stupid #pizzagate theory that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex-slave ring out of a DC-based pizza restaurant. Then again, she seems to be pro-pot and is supposedly gay-friendly...

... Except when a gay man crosses her! A gay actor/writer named Leon Acord-Whiting was on the show earlier this week. Once again, I haven't heard it. But things apparently got heated and he was appalled at some of the stuff coming out of Olsen's mouth. So he posted about it on Facebook and said that he would never appear on the show again, at least not alongside Susan Olsen:

This angered Olsen, which prompted a series of Facebook posts on her own page. Like this:
I thought Monday night's show was really great. But it would seem that one of our participants was less than sporting. SINCE he has done nothing but talk smack about us! Sheena is a much better person than I am. She tells me to take the high road. "Please don't engage with Leon." 
That is Leon Accord Whiting = AKA Pussy of the Year! 
You fucking snake in the grass. Don't have the nads to stand up to me? You don't have the balls to stand up to Cindy Brady? 
How could a person who is agreeing to a venue where there will be disagreements be such a SPOILED SPORT when it's all done? I thought everything was cool because that's the way we want it at Two Chicks. But no, 
it would seem that this lost soul had an ankle to bite. What a very sad and tiny person he must be. 
This only makes the show stronger and DEFINITELY my resolve 
We all posed for a nice picture after the show and you turn coat? What a nasty little man you are!
And this:
My partner Sheena is far nicer than I am. How dare anyone accept an invitation to our show and take a giant dump on us?
And this:
He has blocked me. If you want to try to talk some peace into this guy, please do. Leon Accord-Whitting. Maybe peace can be struck
And this:
I'm sorry, this a-hole also dissed my best friend,. Leon, you had better hope you never see me in your world.. And I mean that!
And this:
This is the little piece of human waste. He blocked himself from me before I could even get one hit in. If you can find him, please send him my love.
This is somewhere around when things began to turn. Acord-Whiting shared a private message that Susan Olsen sent him before he blocked her:

Another screen-cap also began circulating from Acord-Whiting's Facebook page:

Meanwhile, Olsen's followers had flocked to his page to leave all sorts of crazy responses, most of which he deleted.

The story showed up on various gay blogs about Susan Olsen AKA Cindy Brady throwing around anti-gay speech and then she posted this:
People can have different opinions, thats how we learn. That is exactly what makes each and every one of you so precious to me! I LOVE to be told that I'm wrong and to actually see that I AM wrong! How blessed am I to be trusted in the hearts of so many people that I have never met? You people are almost as good as getting residuals for the reruns
...OK not really as good.
But hey, this is what we got
And I love you!
Ultimately, the story got away from Olsen and she was fired midday yesterday:

What a whirlwind! First, I don't understand why Susan Olsen didn't just ignore Leon Acord-Whiting. Why did she rage after him? If she's such a pro-gay celebrity (which I've been assured that she is), then why go off on an anti-gay rant on the guy's Facebook account? And why all of the name-calling and why encourage all of her followers to go over and bug the guy?

This story would never have gone anywhere if she had just controlled her initial reaction and ignored the guy. She certainly wouldn't have been fired.

Anyway, my fondness of all things Brady was sorely tested this week. Thanks Susan...

Updated: Of course, we're now at the stage in the fight where all of the LGBT people and allies are swarming to Olsen's Facebook page and posting their own nasty messages (including talking about her being a has-been or noting that she's old or racist or whatever) and posting doctored pictures there (like the one to the side).

People need to learn how to drop things. We don't need to destroy others' lives. What became a public tit-for-tat between two minor celebrities has now captured the attention of hundreds who have nothing to do with their beef. And now they're trying to destroy the opposing side.

Susan Olsen lost her job because of a poor decision. Stop kicking her while she's down.

Updated on 12/18/16: It was pointed out to me elsewhere, but it's worth clarifying the record: Susan Olsen voluntarily left LA Talk Radio on the afternoon of 12/08/16. She wasn't fired from her program:
LA Talk Radio’s response to misinformation concerning the broadcast of Two Chicks Talking’ Politics that took place on December 5, 2016.

While there were political disagreements during the show, there was no personal conflict between the participants, who immediately following the show posed together for a photograph.

All activities on social media happened subsequent to the live broadcast, and LA Talk Radio was not involved in any communication between the parties.

Susan Olsen voluntarily advised LA Talk Radio that she was leaving the show and the radio station on the afternoon of December 8, 2016.

The show was discontinued on December 9, 2016.

LA Talk Radio is not a political radio station and we hold no political position.
Additionally, Susan Olsen wants you to know that she is a friend of the LGBT community. Who privately calls gay men "faggot." But she's an ally and you're ridiculous if you think otherwise:
Somehow the actual apology that I made days ago did not get posted. I am very sorry for ever hurting the LGBT community that I love so much. For that, I am sorry and frankly find it hilarious that I am being called a homophobe. What could be more rediculous??? I think that the real LGBT community knows that I have and always will support them. I love you!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Archie Comics Launching New LITTLE ARCHIE Series? // Updated Below: More New Titles Coming in March 2017? // New Update: Archie Comics to Publish Four One-Shot Comic Books in March 2017! Which Is Your Fave??

(Originally written on 12/08/16): Archie Comics dropped the following image onto its Facebook age earlier today:

The implication is that Art Baltazar and Franco, the comic book creators behinds "Tiny Titans" and "Itty Bitty Hellboy," will be working on a new title for Archie Comics, featuring Little Archie and Friends!

I'm sure that more information will be forthcoming. But March 2017 should be a fun month!

Updated on 12/09/16: More images have been popping up today on Archie Comics' social media sources. I was over on Facbook tonight and noticed more images related to March 2017, including...


New "Sabrina" Series?
And... This!

New "Archies" Series?
And... This!

New "Vampironica" Series? New "Vampire Josie & the Pussycats" Series? New "Someone's a Werewolf" Series???
Basically, I'm left guessing when it comes to that last one. But I'm pretty excited if Archie Comics is trying to do something new (and regularly scheduled) with its Archie Horror imprint. And I'm all about new books featuring the Riverdale Gang!

Updated on 12/12/16: Archie Comics announced today that they will be publishing four new one-shot comic books in March 2017 based on the images listed above. Those comic books will include:

* JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER (written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Michael Walsh) which will explore "the dark secret behind the insatiable hunger of Archie's best friend." Jughead as a werewolf? That's what I'm thinking. I was originally thinking Zombie Hot Dog, but I don't think that's it.

* THE ARCHIES (written by Alex Segura & Matthew Rosenberg and art by Joe Eisma). This will focus on "Archie's pursuit of musical stardom, and how that affects his friends." This is the book that I'm looking forward to the most. It sounds interesting and I really enjoy Joe Eisma's artwork!

* LITTLE ARCHIES (written and illustrated by Art Baltazar and co-written by Franco). I've been told that these guys already did some one-shots featuring Little Archie & Friends and I've been assured that they are very good. I'll likely pick it up, but it's a little too cartoony for me. But I'm open to being wowed!

* SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH (written by Katie Cook & Franco with art by Andy Price). It's about Sabrina's first day at public school after a lifetime of homeschooling by her crazy aunts. Presumably not following the continuity of CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, but is this the Sabrina appearing in the current JUGHEAD/New Riverdale series?

Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater indicated in a statement that one or more of these one-shots could become an ongoing comic book series if there is enough interest from the readership:
“These new launches give readers a wider lens with which to see the Archie characters and concepts,” Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater said in a statement. “I think of it as a very ambitious and top-line pilot season that showcases the successful and acclaimed New Riverdale sensibility. If these books resonate, fans might just see them greenlit as regular series.”
Which of these one-shot titles is number one on your list?