Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Fuller House" Season Two Debuts on Netflix

I wrote last February about the new "Fuller House" sequel series on Netflix. I love that show! "Fuller House" Season Two just dropped this weekend and it's as good as the first season!

Here is the concept: 29 years after "Full House" debuted (30 years, actually), DJ Fuller has recently lost her husband and now finds herself raising three sons (Jackson, Max, and Tommy) and her own. Her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy move back to the family home (along with Kimmy's daughter Ramona) to assist her with raising the boys. Season Two begins with Kimmy's ex-husband moving into the family home and Kimmy's brother Jimmy moving nearby and dating Stephanie. Meanwhile, DJ (having kept potential boyfriends Steve and Matt waiting too long) now must cope as both guys announce that they each have new girlfriends!

"Fuller House" continues with a pattern of traditional sitcom cheesiness. If you enjoyed TGIF on ABC back in the 90s, then you will love and appreciate this great sitcom!

Here were three items that grabbed my attention in Season Two:

(Jon's Note: I used to be able to get screen grabs off of Netflix. Then sometime this fall, I suddenly lost this ability. Now I need to take pics from my phone, so the images aren't terribly good. My apologies!)

1. Missing Michelle: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen both chose to avoid "Fuller House" as sister Michelle this season. Their absence was largely avoided, though they were mentioned in the family prayer on Thanksgiving Day, with a slight dig by Uncle Joey:

2. Max Gay?: 8-year-old Max Fuller spent much of Season Two trying to figure out how to make a difference with saving the Earth -- through recycled bathwater, backyard farming, and vegetarian eating. Then mid-season, he started throwing off a pre-adolescent gay vibe. He's already a bit of a melodramatic drama queen -- which doesn't mean anything. But then he began assisting Ramona with her outfit-planning and wistfully pining after Blake Shelton! More than once! I was seriously waiting for a very special episode featuring Max coming out as a young teen. Then they matched him up with some young floozy towards the end of Season Two. (But I'm still holding out for that very special episode in Season Three or Four!)

3. The Immaculate Adoption: Towards the end of Season Two, Jesse and Becky decided to adopt a baby. They made this decision on Thanksgiving Day. They then began their home study process, met the social worker, and managed to adopt their new baby girl (overnight!) on New Years Eve! Now I watch a lot of TV. I've seen men run so fast that they can travel through time. I've seen seen people survive and thrive in Outer Space. I've seen a dogs who can talk. And yet I still struggle to suspend my sense of disbelief and accept that a couple can transition from decision to adoption in less than two months!

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