Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kevin Goes on a Prom Date in LIFE WITH KEVIN #3! Plus: Did I Hear Archie Comics' First Fart?

I just downloaded my digital copy of Archie Comics' LIFE WITH KEVIN #3. It had much less same-sex smoochies than LIFE WITH KEVIN #2, but it turned out to be one of the sweeter issues of this series!

LIFE WITH KEVIN is the story of Kevin Keller's life during those early post-college months where he's settled in New York City and begun work as a low-rung gofer for a television network. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kevin and his clumsiness landed him a regular gig on "Mid-day Live With Babs" -- usually doing embarrassing segments about stuff like butt implants. And that's in addition to his regular work tasks.

Kevin finally gets fed up in this issue of LWK and seemingly quits "Mid-day Live With Babs," and quite possibly the television station in general after one more televised stunt. I'm just not sure if the station will let him quit given his high ratings!

Also, he somehow ended up with Veronica Lodge as his roommate. She did something to anger her father early in the series and now finds herself slumming it with Kevin -- and often acting as a bit of a cock block!

Lastly, I think that LIFE WITH KEVIN #3 features Archie Comics' first fart. I've never seen fart jokes before in an Archie Comics comic book, but Kevin can't stop tooting during his yoga date!

But LIFE WITH KEVIN #3 is really about Kevin and 18-year-old Jason Markley. Last issue, Jason wrote a fan letter to Kevin. He told Kevin that he's an unpopular loner and that he has no friends -- and it would make him ever so happy if Kevin would go to the prom with him. Kevin was on the fence last issue, but apparently decided to go through with the date. And he was pretty excited about it!

The guys have good chemistry and Kevin teaches Jason how to loosen up and not worry so much about what others think about him. Not only that, but he also plants some love-seeds between Jason and another teen named Barry! Their date ends with a kiss, which was pretty sweet.

Of course, Veronica ended up live-streaming the date without Kevin's knowledge or permission. I'm sure that will come back to bite them next issue! Speaking of next issue, I think that LIFE WITH KEVIN #4 is the second to last issue of the bunch. Which is sad, because I've really enjoyed this series!

"I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can" features script, pencils, and colors by Dan Parent plus inks by J. Bone and letters by Jack Morelli.


Erin Begley said...

I LOVE this most out the 3 so far. I love the blue color that the comic is done.

Erin Begley said...

That issue was great.