Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mall of America Hires Its First Black Santa

A story broke last week that the Mall of America hired its first black Mall Santa. The Santa in question is Larry Jefferson. Jefferson will work at the MOA for four days this Christmas season before returning to Dallas, MN. He's popular enough that your kids will need to schedule an appointment with him.

The MOA is this huge sprawling mall near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It's been around for 24 years. I've been there 3 or 4 times in my lifetime.

The MOA has celebrated its new Black Santa, but his appearance has not been without controversy. (Follow the link for some of the negative reactions.)

I was listening to the "Michelangelo Signorile Show" late this afternoon on SiriumXM Progress 127 and Mike was talking with a listener about the controversy over the MOA's new Black Santa. The caller was arguing that MOA's Black Santa was all about pandering to the PC crowd. He argued that there are hardly any black people in Minnesota and most of the blacks who live near the MOA are Muslim refugees. The caller then asserted that "PC nonsense" like Black Santas are cultural reasons for why Trump won the presidential election.

It's hard to argue that the MOA wasn't banking on attention from the hiring of a Black Santa. After all, they were all over the news touting his hire. But the Twin Cities are filled with people of all colors and nationalities. Seriously. And if you are one of those Minnesotans who takes your kids to see Mall Santa, but can't stand seeing Black Santa, you can wait and see one of the numerous White Santas at the MOA.

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