Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Spiritual Science Research Foundation: Gay Men Are Possessed by Female Ghosts!

I learned of a group today called the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. It's basically a group that explores spirituality and the metaphysical. They have some interesting stuff on their website about spiritual healing and energy work. But that's not what I'm writing about today. The SSRF has a wage devoted to the symptoms of spiritual possession. Trust me, there are lots of symptoms of spiritual possession. Pretty much anything and everything (including headaches, skin problems, back pain, digestive problems, reproductive problems, fidgeting, tics, being accident prone, etc.) is a symptom of spiritual possession!

According to the SSRF, most gay people are possessed by ghosts! Not only ghosts, but opposite sex ghosts:
The main reason behind the gay orientation of some men is that they are possessed by female ghosts. It is the female ghost in them that is attracted to other men. Conversely the attraction to females experienced by some lesbians is due to the presence of male ghosts in them. The ghost’s consciousness overpowers the person’s normal behaviour to produce the homosexual attraction. Spiritual research has shown that the cause for homosexual preferences lie predominantly in the spiritual realm.
They assert that most gays and lesbians (85% of us) are gay because of ghosts or other spirits. 5% of us are gay due to hormonal changes and 10% of us got laid when we were teens and enjoyed it.

According to the SSRF, you can overcome your homosexuality using a variety of chants and meditative postures and motions:

I've been peripherally involved with the metaphysical community for the past 2-3 years. Generally speaking, they tend to be fairly gay friendly. So I find it interesting when I find incidents of anti-gay and ex-gay beliefs in those communities.

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