Sunday, December 18, 2016

Susan Olsen of "Brady Bunch" Goes on Anti-Gay Attack Against Critic; Ends Up Losing her Radio Gig // Updated: Susan Olsen Wants You to Know That She Wasn't Fired from LA Talk Radio & She's A Friend to the LGBT Communities

(Originally written on 12/10/16): I shared my deep fondness for all things Brady late last month after Florence Henderson's death. Sadly, my fondness was challenged yesterday with a reminder that you should never know too much about your Hollywood heroes.

News broke yesterday about a minor controversy involving Susan Olsen (FKA Cindy Brady of the "Brady Bunch"). She has a radio talk show on LA Talk Radio. I understand that it's a talk show featuring two hosts, one (Susan Olsen) who is coming from the right and another host who isn't.

I've never heard the show, but I've seen her Facebook page. She's very pro-Trump. She is anti-Muslim. She peddles (or at least dances around) right-wing conspiracies, like the stupid #pizzagate theory that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex-slave ring out of a DC-based pizza restaurant. Then again, she seems to be pro-pot and is supposedly gay-friendly...

... Except when a gay man crosses her! A gay actor/writer named Leon Acord-Whiting was on the show earlier this week. Once again, I haven't heard it. But things apparently got heated and he was appalled at some of the stuff coming out of Olsen's mouth. So he posted about it on Facebook and said that he would never appear on the show again, at least not alongside Susan Olsen:

This angered Olsen, which prompted a series of Facebook posts on her own page. Like this:
I thought Monday night's show was really great. But it would seem that one of our participants was less than sporting. SINCE he has done nothing but talk smack about us! Sheena is a much better person than I am. She tells me to take the high road. "Please don't engage with Leon." 
That is Leon Accord Whiting = AKA Pussy of the Year! 
You fucking snake in the grass. Don't have the nads to stand up to me? You don't have the balls to stand up to Cindy Brady? 
How could a person who is agreeing to a venue where there will be disagreements be such a SPOILED SPORT when it's all done? I thought everything was cool because that's the way we want it at Two Chicks. But no, 
it would seem that this lost soul had an ankle to bite. What a very sad and tiny person he must be. 
This only makes the show stronger and DEFINITELY my resolve 
We all posed for a nice picture after the show and you turn coat? What a nasty little man you are!
And this:
My partner Sheena is far nicer than I am. How dare anyone accept an invitation to our show and take a giant dump on us?
And this:
He has blocked me. If you want to try to talk some peace into this guy, please do. Leon Accord-Whitting. Maybe peace can be struck
And this:
I'm sorry, this a-hole also dissed my best friend,. Leon, you had better hope you never see me in your world.. And I mean that!
And this:
This is the little piece of human waste. He blocked himself from me before I could even get one hit in. If you can find him, please send him my love.
This is somewhere around when things began to turn. Acord-Whiting shared a private message that Susan Olsen sent him before he blocked her:

Another screen-cap also began circulating from Acord-Whiting's Facebook page:

Meanwhile, Olsen's followers had flocked to his page to leave all sorts of crazy responses, most of which he deleted.

The story showed up on various gay blogs about Susan Olsen AKA Cindy Brady throwing around anti-gay speech and then she posted this:
People can have different opinions, thats how we learn. That is exactly what makes each and every one of you so precious to me! I LOVE to be told that I'm wrong and to actually see that I AM wrong! How blessed am I to be trusted in the hearts of so many people that I have never met? You people are almost as good as getting residuals for the reruns
...OK not really as good.
But hey, this is what we got
And I love you!
Ultimately, the story got away from Olsen and she was fired midday yesterday:

What a whirlwind! First, I don't understand why Susan Olsen didn't just ignore Leon Acord-Whiting. Why did she rage after him? If she's such a pro-gay celebrity (which I've been assured that she is), then why go off on an anti-gay rant on the guy's Facebook account? And why all of the name-calling and why encourage all of her followers to go over and bug the guy?

This story would never have gone anywhere if she had just controlled her initial reaction and ignored the guy. She certainly wouldn't have been fired.

Anyway, my fondness of all things Brady was sorely tested this week. Thanks Susan...

Updated: Of course, we're now at the stage in the fight where all of the LGBT people and allies are swarming to Olsen's Facebook page and posting their own nasty messages (including talking about her being a has-been or noting that she's old or racist or whatever) and posting doctored pictures there (like the one to the side).

People need to learn how to drop things. We don't need to destroy others' lives. What became a public tit-for-tat between two minor celebrities has now captured the attention of hundreds who have nothing to do with their beef. And now they're trying to destroy the opposing side.

Susan Olsen lost her job because of a poor decision. Stop kicking her while she's down.

Updated on 12/18/16: It was pointed out to me elsewhere, but it's worth clarifying the record: Susan Olsen voluntarily left LA Talk Radio on the afternoon of 12/08/16. She wasn't fired from her program:
LA Talk Radio’s response to misinformation concerning the broadcast of Two Chicks Talking’ Politics that took place on December 5, 2016.

While there were political disagreements during the show, there was no personal conflict between the participants, who immediately following the show posed together for a photograph.

All activities on social media happened subsequent to the live broadcast, and LA Talk Radio was not involved in any communication between the parties.

Susan Olsen voluntarily advised LA Talk Radio that she was leaving the show and the radio station on the afternoon of December 8, 2016.

The show was discontinued on December 9, 2016.

LA Talk Radio is not a political radio station and we hold no political position.
Additionally, Susan Olsen wants you to know that she is a friend of the LGBT community. Who privately calls gay men "faggot." But she's an ally and you're ridiculous if you think otherwise:
Somehow the actual apology that I made days ago did not get posted. I am very sorry for ever hurting the LGBT community that I love so much. For that, I am sorry and frankly find it hilarious that I am being called a homophobe. What could be more rediculous??? I think that the real LGBT community knows that I have and always will support them. I love you!


Joseph Phillip Rovira said...

Sometimes I wonder why people feel it's necessary to respond to everything. I'm glad to see that you are wise enough to see the benefit of just ignoring rude or whatever may have offended you. I see the same all the time with trolls who like to hang out in the comments section for the sole purpose of getting a reaction. Nothing defuses that quicker than being ignored, it's no fun talking to a wall. So far you are the only one that pointed that out. I'm glad to see there is still some common sense left in this world.

s stan said...

No one cares either way.

Jon said...

Thanks for caring enough to comment, Stan.

Thanks for your comments also, Joseph! -Jon