Saturday, January 28, 2017

Episodes of "Riverdale" to Begin Streaming Weekly on Netflix Starting Friday, January 27th! // Slight Correction: "Riverdale" Streaming on Netflix in the UK & Australia

(Originally written on 01/24/17): I was excited to discover earlier today that "Riverdale" will begin streaming new episodes weekly on Netflix, basically the day after they first air on the CW. Which is weird, because usually Netflix dumps an entire season all at once.

Not that I'm complaining!

I'm terrible about remembering to watch programs when they air on conventional television except for PBS shows that regularly air on Saturday and Sunday nights. Otherwise, it's way too easy for me to miss episodes of programs -- and this isn't a show that I'm going to want to miss!

Updated on 01/28/17: Starting early Friday morning, I kept checking Netflix to re-watch the first episode of "Riverdale." But I never found it there. Turns out that I was wrong. New episodes of "Riverdale" will stream on Netflix each week -- in the United Kingdom and in Australia.

It is anticipated that "Riverdale" will make its Netflix debut in the USA in April 2017.

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