Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gay-Baiting Episode on Classic Episode of "The People's Court"

I was watching old clips of "The People's Court" from the era when Judge Wapner was still involved with the program -- mostly the 1980s. This one episode grabbed my attention. It featured the case of Snapp VS. Bohon.

Scott Snapp was suing Allen Bohon for $525 for rent, bounced check fees, and for the costs associated with changing the locks to the apartment. He had rent a room in his apartment to Bohon, who moved in and out on the first day of his tenancy -- but not before canceling the rent check!

Bohon claimed that he instantly felt unsafe in the apartment and accused Snapp of attacking him. Basically, Bohon accused Snapp of pushing him onto the bed in the hopes of either initiating a sexual relationship with him or possibly even sexually assaulting him.

Judge Wapner reviewed the evidence and ruled in favor of the plaintiff -- minus the expenses for changing the lock. Wapner really wasn't phased about Bohon's insinuations. He said that Bohon's accusation wasn't enough to get him out of the apartment without paying his portion of the rent: "There's no reason given to break this tenancy. If I believe the testimony that a sexual advance was made one time, it still would not be enough. If you say "No" and someone continues to persist in that kind of thing, then maybe you have a reason to terminate a tenancy."

Gay-baiting at it's finest. Fortunately, Judge Wapner didn't fall for it. That said, I'm pretty certain that both guys in this case were gay, judging by my gaydar response during the final interviews.

You can watch the whole clip here.

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