Monday, January 2, 2017

"In Touch Weekly" Drags Out Ancient Affair Involving Judge Judy's Husband -- Makes It Their First Cover Story of 2017

It must be a slow week for celebrity gossip -- and I fell for it!! I went to the store yesterday to pick up a few groceries and noticed the 01/09/17 issue of "In Touch Weekly." I wanted to read the story about the secret affair that destroyed Judge Judy. I wanted to hear about the new woman in Judge Jerry's life, the one who is 25 years younger than his wife -- and yet still five years older than me!

So I plunked down my $3... and was treated to a story about an affair that began and ended roughly 16 years ago. It's not a new gossip story. Reports of this affair have been around since the second Bush administration. Jerry had an affair. Judy found out and kicked him to the curb. They eventually reconciled. Years have passed.

But somehow this 16-year-old celebrity gossip story is worthy of being the cover story in the first "In Touch Weekly" of 2017.

Color me unimpressed...

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