Thursday, January 26, 2017

Initial Reactions to "Riverdale"

I recently finished watching "Riverdale" on the CW -- and absolutely loved it!

Here were some of the highlights:

1. Veronica Lodge (portrayed by Camila Mendes) was probably my favorite character. She and her mother have moved back to Riverdale following a family scandal involving her father, who is in jail or on the run or something like that. Everyone is talking about her, but she's still somewhat on the outs. She once had it all and now that she's fallen a bit from grace, she's trying to become something better.

2. Veronica & Betty as BFFs: Veronica and Betty (portrayed by Lili Reinhart) gelled quickly. Betty has her own troubles (controlling mother, troubled sister, possible Adderall abuse), and of course she's in love with her best friend (AKA Archie Andrews, as portrayed by K.J. Apa). Betty helped Veronica fit into Riverdale High and Veronica got Betty onto the cheerleading squad. But largely, they like each other and it feels pretty natural. I can't wait to see their friendship develop.

3. Kevin Keller (portrayed by Casey Cott) is probably my second-favorite character. He starts as Betty gay best friend and quickly globs onto Veronica as well. Kevin probably had more lines in this first episode than Reggie, Jughead, and Moose combined. He's quick-witted and into everyone's business. This Kevin is pretty much how I wish they would have portrayed him in his comic book, with a few modifications. I can't wait to see more of him!

Here was the main lowlight from my perspective:

1. Not Enough Jughead (portrayed by Cole Sprouse). He's the opening and closing narrator and he's Archie's former best friend. He is pretty much isolated from everyone else and I really want to know why. I'm sure that we'll see more of him in the future.

Here are the main plot-points to follow:

1. Jason Blossom was murdered on the morning of July 4th. He was on a boat with his sister Cheryl (portrayed by Madelaine Petsch) and then he disappeared. His missing body is found at the end of this first episode with a bullet through his head. Who is the killer? And why? Those are the big questions that we will be exploring for the next nine episodes!

2. Archie and Miss Grundy sitting in a tree... Archie got hot over the summer. He did construction work for his father and got stacked. He started a secret affair with Miss Grundy (portrayed by Sarah Habel), his music teacher. They were making out near where Jason was killed. They heard a gunshot, but couldn't say anything. Because she's a teacher, because he's her student, and because they would have to explain why they were out in the woods alone together. The affair is supposedly over, but I can't help thinking that this secret tryst is going to bite them both in the butts before this season is over!

Anyway, this is what I thought of "Riverdale":

What did you think about "Riverdale?" Share your thoughts in the comments!

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