Friday, January 20, 2017

President Trump Scrubs LGBT Page from White House Website Moments After Taking Charge

Earlier today, one of my high school friends told me that I should feel great about President Donald Trump because he's the first pro-gay president. Apparently forgetting President Barack Obama, but whatever. Which is one of my biggest pet peeves from my conservative friends and family. You should be happy about the new administration because Trump is pro-gay. Because I'm only about gay rights.

He should know better because I post all sorts of information about Medicaid privatization and income inequality on my Facebook page often. But I'm gay, so I'm really only a member of the Democratic Party because they're pro-gay. See how that works.

Let's assume that I'm only about the gays. The fact that then-candidate Trump held a ratty old rainbow flag at one of his rallies really means little to me given that his twinned himself up with people like Mike Pence, Jeff Session, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, etc. Plus, he's already announced his picks for US Supreme Court replacements and they are all on record for being hostile to LGBT people and our families. And then he's already won the praises of America's religious right for coming out in favor of federal legislation that would limit protections for LGBT people and our families.

But Trump held up an ratty old rainbow flag with "LGBTs for Trump" scrawled across it, so he's extremely pro-gay. See how that works. Once again, I'm not impressed along that front. But my high school friend was pretty pleased by that one moment in time.

Which set me off a bit when I learned that moments after Trump was sworn into office, his team scrubbed its LGBT page right off of the White House webpage, along with pages dedicated to civil rights and climate change.

But he held a rainbow flag, folks!

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