Thursday, January 19, 2017

West High Students Featured on ABC's "The View"

(Originally written on 11/18/17): After the 2016 presidential election, Iowa City witnessed several protests that were initiated by students from West and City High School. The protests, in part, were to protest the results of the election. But there was an "anti-discrimination march" through downtown Iowa City on November 15th, as well as appearances before the Iowa City Community School Board and the Iowa City City Council, where students expressed concerns about reports of increased incidents of discrimination and bullying in the schools following the election.

The student activism at West High in particular attracted the attention of ABC's "The View." Recently, co-host Sunny Hostin and guest host Clay Aiken traveled to Iowa City and interviewed eight students -- four Trump supporters and four Clinton supporters. And yes, it pretty much divided down racial lines. That segment aired earlier today.

It was interesting watching the pre-interview segment where the various students expressed incidents of bullying immediately following the election. Muslim students who were sneered at and called terrorists. The Hispanic boy who was asked about getting deported to Mexico. The white boy who was accused of being a Hitler Youth program. Aiken and Hostin then gathered eight of the students for a conversation where they were all given the opportunity to discuss their similarities and differences. Basically, they all are struggling to move on from the election two months later. 

You can watch the entire segment here.

Updated on 11/19/17:  The Press-Citizen reports today that the West High students featured in this program are not happy that ABC's "The View" focused too much of the political divisions when they came to the school. Then again, ABC learned of West High explicitly because of those political divisions. So...

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