Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cyclops = Hitler?

I've been enjoying Marvel Comics' IVX mini-series. This is where the X-Men finally fight back against the Inhumans and their roving cloud of Terrigen Mists after Beast realizes that the Earth is weeks -- if not days -- away from becoming utterly toxic to all mutants. It was good to see the X-Men prove how bad-ass they can be by effectively taking out the entire Inhuman Royal Family in one decisive battle.

But I haven't enjoyed the tie-in comic books as much. They haven't really added anything to the story and I leave each title feeling like I wasted my money.

Case in point: ALL NEW X-MEN #18. This book features the mutant assault on New Attilan, home of the Inhumans. It features young Scott Summers, the boy who will eventually grown into the most hated mutant in the world: Cyclops.

A few month ago, we read DEATH OF X. This was the story that revealed what Cyclops did to become the most hated mutant alive. Turns out that he was killed by the Terrigen Mists and his psychic image was used by Emma Frost to rally Earth's mutants and destroy one of the two Terrigen Clouds. That was his huge crime -- destroying a sacred cloud.

For that, Cyclops has become known as the "Mutant Hitler."

This is how tone-deaf Marvel Comics has become. Adolf Hitler gassed the Jews and other undesirable populations in an effort to create racial purity.

Cyclops destroyed the toxic -- yet sacred -- Terrigen Cloud of the Inhumans, which had fatally poisoned several mutants -- including some of the X-Men -- and was slowly poisoning the rest of the mutant population.

Not even remotely similar.

Marvel Comics needs to rehab Cyclops' image and stop trying to make him into the "Mutant Hitler." Either that, or they need to have him actually do something that warrants that title.

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