Monday, February 27, 2017

"Finding Bigfoot" Comes to Iowa

I learned yesterday that Iowa was finally going to appear on Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot." This particular episode was called "The Squatchland." Husband Mark and I decided to skip this week's "The Walking Dead" in favor of this program -- and I'm thinking that we might have been better off choosing walkers instead of squatches!

For example, there was this twangy bango music playing in the background. Because it's Iowa. And then we viewers were told that "there's more than just corn in these fields" -- which is true, but they were filming in prairie land that completely lacked any sign of corn. And that was just the first minute of the program.

The show kept mentioning that they were filming in Iowa for the very first time. These folks want us to know that they have never been in Iowa ever before. They want you to know that Iowa is this barren flatland filmed with nothing but cornfields. Corn and deer. Corn and deer. Corn and deer. They spent the first several minutes talking about how there is nothing in Iowa but corn and deer. Meanwhile, they are driving in the northeast corner of the state, surrounded by bluffs and into the Yellow River State Forest. Plus, they just aired episodes set in Minnesota and Wisconsin -- two states within quick driving distance to where they were investigating.

Once the four "Finding Bigfoot" investigators stopped talking about all of the corn, they met up with representatives of the Iowa BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization). One interesting note, I learned last night that one of my friends is friends with one of the Iowa BFRO leaders.

Turns out that the Yellow River State Forest area is a hotspot of Bigfoot activity, according to the Iowa BFRO. After listening to a variety of sasquatch testimonials, the "Finding Bigfoot" investigators teamed with the Iowa BFRO leadership to wander through the trails where thermal gear.

After wandering around for a while, Bobo picked up what could only be a Bigfood on thermal camera. The "Finding Bigfoot" folks then told us that they heard weird stomping noises -- that inconveniently didn't show up on the television mics -- before calling it a night and returning to their tents.

*Cue the techno-bango transition music*

A group then went off into the woods the next morning to investigate the area where one BFRO member thermal-scanned a bigfoot. Turns out that this image most likely isn't a sasquatch.

Later, they spent some time with BFRO member Valerie, who shared how she encountered possibly twenty bigfeet in the campground area late one night. Turns out that the red glow from the squatchy eyes was most likely lightning bugs.

The "Finding Bigfoot" folks then decided to do a series of individual nighttime squatch searches. This search rewarded our crew with distant roar -- but I couldn't figure out if they were genuine roars or if the researchers were just picking up sounds from other researchers roaring in the distance.

At one point, Matt began noticing something coming towards him. He saw what appeared to be two young squatches that were climbing a tree, until he realized that it was instead a bunch of squirrels. I kid you not.

Then Bobo noticed something upright that was bobbing back and forth between the trees. Could it be a sasquatch?

We were then treated to another sasquatch testimonial. This one involved an Iowa BFRO member who was found himself spied upon by a bigfoot while he slept in the back of his vehicle. The "Finding Bigfoot" crew decided that this particular story was most likely legit.

They then split into two groups for one final nighttime investigation. Cliff, Matt, and Bobo immediately began hearing weird squealing noises and breaking branches. Soon enough, the ground-based investigators find a human-shaped thermal scan -- that turns out to be a human. Basically, the night was a bust.

*Cut the banjo music and Iowa puns*

And that's a summary of Iowa's encounter with the "Finding Bigfoot" cast and crew.

Don't get me wrong. I love bigfoot. I've loved bigfoot since I was a kid. I want to believe that bigfoot is real. But I just don't see how bigfoot could be real in today's world of deforestation and urban sprawl. Even in Iowa.

Did you watch "The Squatchland?" I want to hear your reaction. Shared your thoughts in the comments section below.


Unknown said...

Hi my name is Carrie I also live in iowa and really want to go Bigfoot stalking as I would put it considering I don't want to hunt I want to observe I live by Palasades state park I want to go out there and do some calls and tree knocks but people aren't taking me serious enough

Jon said...

Thanks for the comments, Carrie. You should check out the Iowa BFRO group on Facebook to get connected with the group. You could also try connecting with members through the BFRO website:

Did you get to watch the episode? If so, what did you think of it?

Daniel Reilly said...

Hi Carrie and Jon. My name is Daniel. I also live near Palisades and have been hiking there looking for tree structures, footprints, anything . Nothing yet but only been out a few times.Recently checking out the Iowa River corridor that runs near an energy ley line. Many folks are finding evidence near ley lines. Just returned from bigfoot conference by Dr. Matthew A. Johnson in Washington state. Extremely fascinating up to date truth about bf. I guess they prefer to be know as the Forest People, not big dumb mountain apes. Matt invited a few of us to his remote camp area for 4 nights after the conference. And yes we did we have interactions with them. I could tell you right now about this but you would be tempted to think that I am hoaxing or lieing, because the experiences were so mind boggling. But no, only exactly my personal experiences and what my co-campers experienced. Feel free to call me 319 320 3715. I am a retired physician,scientist, with background in zoology/biology. I do suggest that you watch a very recent 4 part video by dr. johnson available for free on youtube "The Great Reveal" or get his new book, that details the same material BIGFOOT A FIFTY YEAR JOURNEY COME FULL CIRCLE. Video was filmed at conference I just attended. He is not getting rich off of this phenomena, just wants the truth put out there. I hope you can all be open to considering this information, as "abbey normal" as it may sound. Will continue my search for an interaction area closer to home , here in Iowa. Best Regards, Daniel

Jon said...

Thanks for sharing, Daniel.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I can confirm that the episode doesn't do the area justice. I don't have much I can say except there are very credible, untold stories that stayed behind the camera. Also I may or may not have been present for some of these sightings covered on the show.