Thursday, February 9, 2017

IVX #4: Who Exactly Are the Good Guys? // Plus: I've Got a Theory About the Post-IVX Inhumans!

I just finished reading INHUMANS VS X-MEN #4, which features the X-Men fighting back against the Inhumans and their terrible Terrigen Cloud. The Terrigen Mists transform latent Inhumans into active Inhumans, so it's quite sacred to them. But then Black Bolt blew everything up and the Mists became a giant cloud that circles the Earth and slowly poisons and kills the mutants. The X-Men finally realized that they cannot wait for the Inhumans to do anything about their toxic cloud, so they invaded New Attilan in IVX #1, shunted most of the Royal Family to Limbo, and initiated plans to destroy the remaining mists.

A handful of NuHumans (newbie Inhumans) teamed up and threatened the X-Men's plot, but not before realizing the scope of this war. Mosaic -- a new Inhuman with the ability to possess other people -- learned that the remaining Terrigen Cloud is about to dissipate into the atmosphere and make Earth unlivable to the mutants. The X-Men are being forced to leave the planet or die.

Which prompts one of my favorite two Inhumans to question...

Finally, one of Marvel Comics' heroes finally gets it: The people with the toxic cloud generally aren't the good guys!

Which got me thinking about the future....

Back in November, Marvel Comics announced two new comic book titles featuring the various Inhumans characters. One is ROYALS (featuring Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Swain, Flint, and Marvel Boy and presumably others deep in space) and the other is SECRET WARRIORS (featuring Quake, Karnak, Inferno, Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur in a super-spies type book). We were left to wonder why the teams were split up like this. I think I have a theory of what's to come...

Most of the Inhumans who will be in ROYALS are currently in Limbo and most of the Inhumans who will be in SECRET WARRIORS are currently on Earth and coming to a realization that maybe their collective hands aren't so clean.

I'm wondering if the Royal Family will leave Earth with what's left of Inhuman society? Any maybe those who remain are exiles from Inhuman society? Will the Inhumans who will make up SECRET WARRIORS band together in the final two issues of IVX to destroy the remain Terrigen Cloud -- arguably their most cherished societal and religious icon? Anyway, that's my theory.

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