Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Riverdale" Episode 5 Recap: Jason's Memorial Service

The fifth episode of "Riverdale" aired Thursday night on The CW. This show continues to improve with each episode. So here is a rundown of what you missed if you skipped this particular episode. But first...

SPOILERS!! Once again, it's extremely difficult for me to avoid spoilers, so be mindful of that fact before you read the rest of this blog post!

This episode is about Jason Blossom's memorial service. We found his murdered body at the end of episode #1, so now the family has something tangible to mourn. Cheryl is beginning to crack mentally due to grief over her twin brother's murder. Sadly, her parents are no help to her. In fact, they are downright toxic! She's now having nightmares about her dead brother.

Meanwhile, Archie is trying to juggle his music-writing with his football-playing. Coach Kleats wants Archie to be the football team's new quarterback. He's given Archie one week to get his act together or else Reggie will get the quarterback gig. Meanwhile, Valerie from the Pussycats is beginning to team up with Archie to work on his music. She even got him in touch with a new music coach, who proves to be extremely challenging for our resident carrot-head! By the end of the episode, somebody becomes the new quarterback and he doesn't have red hair!

Also, Betty, Jughead, and Kevin have done their best to recreate Sheriff Keller's murder board. Betty resumes her investigation of the students at Riverdale High -- and everything keeps looping back to her missing sister Polly. She eventually learns that Polly had a nervous breakdown after something horrible happened involving her and Jason. She attempted suicide, which led to her parents committing her to an asylum far, far away.

Cheryl then invites Veronica to her home for a sleepover on the eve of her brother's memorial service -- which proves terribly uncomfortable as Cheryl and her parents continually lobs bombs at Veronica and each other through the evening.

Things get worse at the memorial service when Cheryl stuns everyone by wearing the outfit that she wore on the day that Jason disappeared.

Betty and Jughead take advantage of their unique access to the Blossom home to snoop through Jason's bedroom for clues. They meet Cheryl's dotty grandmother, who mistakes Betty for Polly. They learn that Jason and Polly got engaged shortly before his death!

Betty also learns that her parents have a generational grudge against the Blossom family. Something to do with maple syrup and the murder of Betty's great-grandfather. The result is that Hal Cooper really hates the Blossoms. On top of that, Betty learns that her father was the one who broke into Sheriff Keller's office and stole all of the evidence!

Is that enough spoilers for you? Betty is going to begin investigating her parents' role in Jason's death next week. And I think that we're finally going to meet Polly. Meanwhile, Archie is going to continue working on his music with the help of Valerie!

As always, you should check out this episode on the CW website and then tune in for subsequent episodes on TV. "Riverdale" airs every Thursday night at 8:00 PM CST.

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