Monday, March 6, 2017

Archie Comics' Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa Speaks Out on "Riverdale" Plus the Future of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE & SABRINA

Archie Comics posted a four minute video featuring "Riverdale" showrunner and Archie Comics CCO Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa. In the video, he discussed Season 1 of "Riverdale." He stated that we definitely will learn the identity of Jason Blossom's murderer by the end of Season 1. But we will also learn the identity of Season 2's "Big Bad."

I have two ideas about next season's Big Bad. I'm thinking Hiram Lodge. Or Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Hiram is an easy target. He's a shady businessman who is currently tucked away in prison. But it really wouldn't surprise me if the man who bribes politicians and makes deals with gang-members also has no problem with shooting low-level drug-dealers who get in his way and generally causing trouble for Riverdale.

Sabrina is trickier. After all, why would a witch with fantastic magical abilities need to shoot one of her victims. On the other hand, what if Jason tried shooting Sabrina and she used her magic to defend herself and turn his own bullet against him?

Of course, all of this assumes that we will actually have a "Riverdale" Season 2. I'm still not sure if this was an informal announcement or if Roberto is just experiencing a case of wishful thinking...

Also, Roberto reports that we will be seeing more issues of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE and CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA soon. We've heard this before. I'm anticipating that the next issues of each comic book will arrive by early summer, to be followed by subsequent issues in summer 2018.

You can watch the entire video for yourself at this link.

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Erin Begley said...

It was a interesting interview. All his time is focused on Riverdale which is great because I love it & hope we get more than 1 season out of it.