Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Beauty and the Beast" Comes Out on Top During Its Opening Weekend // Plus: LaFou's Exclusive Gay Moment Revealed

Despite calls of boycotts by Christian conservatives, Disney's live-action "Beauty and the Beast" movie has been best selling movie of its opening weekend, bringing in $64.1 million on its opening night and promising to bring in at least $173 million once the weekend is through.

As you know, people have been talking about LaFou's "exclusively gay moment" in "Beauty and the Beast" all month. I haven't seen the movie this weekend and I most likely won't get to see it. But I really want to know about this "exclusively gay moment."

So I googled around and found it out. It turns out that there are two moments. One builds into the other. Towards the end, Gaston leads the villagers in an attack against the Beast and his enchanted castle. During that battle, an animated wardrobe snags three of Gaston's men:
(A)n enchanted wardrobe attacks a trio of Gaston’s henchman, forcing them into powder, wigs, and dresses. Two are disgusted, but the third smiles — a sort of gender-bending moment.

Later on, as things are wrapping up and everyone is celebrating, LeFou starts dancing with some woman before turning his attention to the henchman who enjoyed getting dressed up in women's clothing by the wardrobe. LeFou and the Henchman then begin dancing together for one or two brief moments before returning to the larger "exclusively straight movie."

And that is what has gotten everybody so upset about this movie: two evil henchmen dancing for two seconds in a sea of straight couples.

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