Friday, March 31, 2017

Jughead Wolfs Out in JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER

A few months ago, Archie Comics announced a series of one-shot comic books. Those one-shots are going to be auditions for new ongoing comic book series. The first of the bunch was finally published -- and it's not one that I was originally going to purchase. But the initial buzz was positive and I was feeling financially secure this week, so I purchased JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER.

JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER is a werewolf tale. Coming out of Archie Comics' dusty Archie Horror imprint, it attempts to explain the source of Jughead's insatiable hunger. How is it that he can eat nonstop and avoid an appearance on "My 600-lb Life?" Turns out that he's a blossoming werewolf born from a long line of Jonesian werewolves!

The story begins with a horrific murder and then a revelation that several beloved Riverdale residents -- Pop Tate, Big Ethel, Miss Grundy, Bingo -- they're all dead. Victims of the Riverdale Ripper!

Jughead eventually discovers that he's the Riverdale Ripper -- though to be fair, he should have realized this right away. But I won't belabor that point. 

The comic book eventually goes all Buffy the Vampire Slayer before wrapping up with the potential for future adventures.

I'm a fan of werewolf adventures. There's just something about lycanthropes that intrigues me -- much more than vampires and zombies. So I'd be interested if JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER returned for future adventures.

JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER features words by Frank Tieri, art by Michael Walsh, lettering by Jack Morelli, and colors by Michael Walsh & Dee Cunniffe.

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