Saturday, April 29, 2017

Catching Up on Episodes 10 & 11 of "Riverdale"

There have been two more episodes of "Riverdale" since my last blog post. And they have been pretty good episodes!

By the way... SPOILERS!!! Major spoilers!! Just warning you...

In Episode 10, Betty decided to throw Jughead a party for his 16th birthday. Keep in mind that Jughead hates birthday parties, but she did it anyway. It was originally intended to be a private party for Betty, Jughead, and their closest friends (Archie, Veronica, Kevin, Joaquin, FP Jones, and Ethel). But Cheryl and Chuck decided to get some petty revenge and ended up inviting the entire school and transforming the party into a drunken spectacle!

The end result is that everyone's secrets came out in this episode. Everyone now knows that the Lodges purchased the drive-in movie property. Everyone now knows that Archie had an affair with Ms. Grundy. Everyone knows that Betty seduced, drugged, and tortured a confession about the football "book of conquests" out of Chuck a few week's back.

Oh, and Molly Ringwald finally made her "Riverdale" debut as Archie's long-absent mother. Riverdale is so out of control -- what with murders, gangs, pregnant teens, and seductive teachers -- that she wants to take Archie to Chicago where he might -- just might!! -- survive into adulthood!!

Meanwhile in Episode 11, Polly continues to investigate the Blossom family for clues about Jason's murder. She is convinced that they know something about his death -- or that they are actually behind it. But she isn't very subtle about things. They know that she's sleuthing about. The most that she's discovered is that Mr. Blossom wears a wig!

But she does manage to find the missing heirloom ring that Nana Blossom secretly gave to Jason and Polly way back when she learned of their engagement. Mrs. Blossom tells Polly that Jason threw the ring at his parents last summer when he told them that he was running away. They then proceed to drug Polly and lock her away in her bedroom -- and Cheryl absconds with the missing ring!

Meanwhile, Archie and Veronica agree to investigate FP Jones' trailer home for Mrs. Cooper to see if Jughead's father might have been involved with Jason's murder. This is personal for Veronica. She already knows that her parents have been secretly conspiring with the Southside Serpents. She wants to know if her father -- who's slated for early release from prison -- had anything to do with Jason's murder. And Archie just wants to protect his best friend from being hurt by his father.

This leads to Riverdale High's annual Homecoming Dance, where Archie and Veronica entertain the audience with 80s cover songs. And while everyone is dancing, the police raid FP's trailer and find the gun that killed Jason Blossom!

Jughead is horrified to find out that his friends had been investigating his father. But he's completely shattered to learn that his father has been arrested for murder!!

Except that Archie and Veronica had just searched the trailer and found nothing. There was no gun! That means that FP Jones has been set up. By whom??

We don't know! But we'll probably know on Thursday, May 4th. That's the day that "Riverdale" fans will find out the identity of Jason Blossom's murderer! So tune in to The CW next Thursday night at 8:00 PM CST!

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