Sunday, April 9, 2017

Catching Up on Episodes 8 & 9 of "Riverdale"

It's been a few weeks since I've written about the "Riverdale" series. I've still been watching the program, but the combined effects of the show's hiatus plus last week's mini-vacation ended up breaking up my writing momentum! Then when I showed up last Thursday night to watch the program, the sound was out on my local CW station! Fortunately, I also download "Riverdale" from iTunes, so I was finally able to watch the program last night.

There's been some really great developments on the program, such as...

Veronica and Betty hosted a baby shower for teen mom Polly Cooper! Everyone was invited, including the feuding Cooper and Blossom grandmothers. The party ended predictably and explosively, but Mrs. Cooper finally came to terms with her daughter being pregnant and with her keeping the baby. She even left her husband over this decision! Unfortunately, Polly decided to move into the Blossoms' home and has cut off all contact with her family. Did I mention that Polly is pregnant with twins?

Meanwhile, Fred Andrews continues to work alongside Hermione Lodge -- the secret owner of the building project that will hopefully save Fred's construction business. Unfortunately, Mr. Blossom is determined to sabotage the project and manages to get Fred's crew to quit. When Archie and the rest of the football team (plus Jughead and Kevin) step up and take over construction duties, a group of secret saboteurs (who may or may not be Southside Serpents at the behest of Hiram Lodge, who's upset over Fred and Hermione's recent romance) attack the teens and destroy some of Fred's equipment. Hermione eventually reveals to Fred that the Lodges are the secret owners of this property, he gets pissed. He agrees to continue working there, but insists on more money and breaks off all romantic ties of her.

Speaking of the Blossom family, their syrup empire is threatened over Jason's death. Their corporate board is concerned about the future of Blossom Syrup now that Jason is gone and they do not believe that Cheryl is capable of inheriting the family business. So they recruit Archie -- using gifts and promises of rewards -- to escort Cheryl to a corporate powwow and build up her image. Archie goes along with it for a while, but finally decides that he cannot continue with this charade any longer.

Unfortunately, Archie's girlfriend Valerie grew tired of Archie's time with the Blossom family. Plus she grew tired about everything in their relationship being about him and not about her. She she dumped him.

Ethel Muggs made her "Riverdale" return. Veronica recognized that Ethel was in a deep depression and reached out to her. She learned that Ethel's parents are fighting over money and that they will most likely be forced to sell their family home. About this time, Veronica learned that the Muggs family is in this predicament directly because of her father's criminal actions. Things come to a head when Mr. Muggs attempts suicide (but he survived!!). His suicide attempt shakes Veronica, who rips off her pearls in a fit a guilty tears. Fortunately, Ethel recognizes that Veronica isn't responsible for her father's actions. Plus she recognizes that Veronica was the only person who reached out to her when she was writing insanely dark poetry during English class. So they're still friends.

But back to Polly... Even though Polly isn't communicating with her family anymore, she finally told Archie during his time with the Blossom Family that she is convinced that Jason's family had something to do with his murder and she's using this opportunity to find out the truth. She needs to earn their trust and she can only do that if she cuts off ties with the family. It seems like a good plan, but Cheryl is nuts! Polly really needs to watch her back or she might find herself floating in the lake with a bullet in her head!

There's lots of other smaller stuff, such as discovering that Kevin's boyfriend -- Joaquin from the Southside Serpents -- is using him to keep tabs on Sheriff Keller's murder investigation. Or learning that Veronica Lodge's best friend in NYC is named Katy. Katy Keene, maybe? And then there is just the awesomeness that is Jughead Jones, as portrayed by actor Cole Sprouse!

Anyway, next week looks like an intense episode, with a psychedelic birthday bash for Jughead. Plus, Molly Ringwald will make her "Riverdale" debut as Mary Cooper, Archie's estranged mother. Tune in! I'll be there! (Unless the sound's off again...)

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