Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fat??!? Is Squirrel Girl a Fat Acceptance SJW?

(Originally written on 04/07/17): I was over on the Archie Comics Fan Forum earlier this week celebrating the news that Freeform will be airing a live-action "New Warriors" TV series featuring Squirrel Girl. One of the other forum members reactively negatively to this news, stating that this news "sounds like pure cancer, Squirrel Girl isn't even a New Warriors character, I'm really getting sick of Marvel hamfisting chosen characters no one likes into everything, they're worse than Vince McMahon."

I responded with a quick "She's not a New Warrior... yet!"

Which prompted an observation that Squirrel Girl was a running gag character (which is true) who was made into a "Tumblr fat acceptance character" by artist Erica Henderson and Marvel Comics (which was news to me). This forum member then noted "While New Warriors may be second tier Marvel, they aren't a jokey gag comic and have plenty of solid characters to compose their team. Just shows Marvel is more concerned with pushing characters no one wants to buy to meme them into success (won't work) than respecting the legacy of their IP."

Keep in mind that the New Warriors have been around for over 25 years and it's true that they have several great members such as Firestar, Speedball, Nova, and Justice. But they also have had several forgettable incarnations such as their reality TV days (where they were joined by members Microbe and Debrii) and their ex-mutant day (where they were joined by such ex-mutants as Beak and Stacy X). Plus they've had other forgettable members such as Hindsight Lad, Redneck, and Aegis. So adding a dynamic character such as Squirrel Girl really shouldn't be a huge deal -- especially since she has a romantic history with Speedball, who's a long-term New Warrior and who hopefully will be appearing on the TV show himself!

But I'm going back to the "Squirrel Girl as a fat acceptance character" idea. Is this true? I rarely go onto Tumblr, so have no clue about what happens there. But I've been a regular reader of UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL since it debuted back in 2015. I've never perceived her as a fat acceptance character, though she certainly an accepting character. That's part of her charm.

But the objecting forum member assured me that "Erica Henderson made her into a fat acceptance character by changing her from her sexier appearance into a fat and ugly character (mimicking herself)." I was then told "she wasn't a fat character, and then she made her into one."

So I'm confused. Because I don't think that Squirrel Girl is fat. Not in the least. The image up above is the most "fat" that I've seen her -- and that's because she has a human-sized squirrel tail tucked into her pants.

Here are some Squirrel Girl images from my blog -- not exhaustive, but a sample collection:

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm a closet "fat acceptance sjw." (I mean, it's not a stretch to image that I'm at least a low level social justice warrior, right?) What do you think? Is Squirrel Girl fat? Because I'm not seeing it.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below...

Updated on 10/04/18: An anonymous commenter wrote below that Squirrel Girl is "obviously faaaaat" in "Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors." I've included her pics below.

I still don't see it. How about the rest of you?


Fat Bastardo said...

Fat Shamimg or Tough Love? Click Here and You Decide

Jon said...

Interesting vid. Doesn't have anything to do with Squirrel Girl though...

Anonymous said...

In Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors she is obviously faaaaaaat.

TheAltarf said...
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TheAltarf said...

I see all to many people say this and NO...she isn't

Squirrel Girl is not fat. ((Long post ahead)) But I'll be talking about visual facts. Now I'm in the same boat as you, I don't know if her artist did ever such, I'll have to look into that myself.

I'll start with "unbeatable".

For starters, it's clear she has a fat ass...jokes aside, She's made very petite, and has little to sometimes no bust unlike her early days. BUT her abdomen doesn't protrude beyond her chest. from what I hear other people say it's the general rule of being "fat and/or out of shape". Sqirrel Girl is even illustrated to have shading or lighting underneath her breast as shown above so nothing's obscuring them.

the primary subject I want to talk about is her shape. Squirrel Girl is a victim of the ("hour glass technique") a technique used to providing feminine features to a asexual or masculine looking character, or even fat and squat-like characters, or even sometimes with no gender at all like robots. Illaoi from league of legends for example, or Zarya from overwatch, or even Amethyst from Steven universe. But in this case, it's an Already feminine looking characters. To really understand this I recommend watching Tbskyen explains this extemely thoroughly better than I can.

I try and explain to people saying "it's a tool that helps remind us that not every women in comcis need to look like Jim Balant's "3 little kittens purrrfect weapons." lol...

Back to Doreen Green

Just look at her spacesuit. Notice how the darker green highlights starts from her side breast, trails down her hips, all the way to her thighs. it's an odd design, but visually it's a necessity. it catches our eye and forces it down her body. and to finish her character off she has a belt that splits her body tatsunoko stlye. The belt is the key component here, it shows that yes she has breasts, yes she has wide hips, and judging by how small the belt actually is...yes she has a tapered waist line and flat stomach.

Most of the other images you show here are great examples of what I mean by her stomach does not extend pass her chest. The casual black top image even shows the size of her waist.

Moving on to "rising"

It's the same deal, she's not fat. She's been bulked up a lot but still no sign of an out of shape stomach anywhere, she has a cilnder appearance but...

That brings us back to the the hour glass rule. The character rising 2018 sheet shows once more that she's a "fat bottomed girl". she's completely clothed, heavy at that, but her hour glass shape still shows. Her curves are still visible even under the overalls and jacket style uniform.

She has these holster style straps that act like highlights,one wraps around her waist, the other swings near her thigh. Once again as our eye travles down her body we realized her bust size is pretty absent (it is a kids show after all) but her lower half area is bigger than the rest of her body. I tend to find designs like these amusing lol.

Cheers Jon! Wanted to clean up my original comment but I work on mobile and can't find the edit button. Hope I was able to clarify!