Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mexico City: Anti-Harassment Campaign Targeting Male Subway Riders

I read this weekend about an anti-harassment campaign on a Mexico City subway where activities replaced a regular subway seat with a modified one that has the appearance of a nude male torso, thighs, and genitals. There is a sign above the seat that reads "For Men Only." The activists then recorded the started reactions of the men who sat in the modified seat.

According to the campaign, 9 in 10 women reported feeling unsafe when riding public transportation in Mexico. 7 in 10 female passengers report that they have been harassed when using the buses or subway trains.

Men who sit in the modified subway seat can read a plaque on the floor that reads, "It's uncomfortable to sit here but not as uncomfortable as the sexual violence women suffer every day in their commute.

You can watch the video of this campaign here.

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