Wednesday, December 13, 2017

"New Warriors" Live Actions TV Series Coming to Freeform Channel in 2018 -- Featuring Squirrel Girl!! // Updated Below: Full New Warriors Roster Revealed!!

(Originally written on 04/05/17): I just heard some very good news! Marvel Comics will be getting a new live action television series featuring the New Warriors! And while I generally like the New Warriors, I'm even more excited to learn that this version of the New Warriors will feature one of my favorite Marvel Comics superheroes: Squirrel Girl!!

"New Warriors" will be a half-hour live action comedy series. It will launch in 2018. So far, Squirrel Girl is the only character who has been revealed for the team. But I'm already sold!!

Updated on 04/19/17: The full roster for Freeform's "New Warriors" comedy series has been released and it's a surprising mix of classic Warriors, former Warriors, and never-before Warriors!

In addition to Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe, this team of New Warriors will include Night Thrasher (celebrity YouTube hero/entrepeneur), Speedball (hero wannabe who has the ability to toss out kinetic balls of energy -- unsure if this version can bounce like the comic book version), Debrii (telekinetic lesbian who tells it like it is), Microbe (shy hypochondriac with the ability to telepathically talk with germs), and Mister Immortal (the man who cannot die).

"New Warriors" will make its debut on Freeform alongside another new show, "Cloak and Dagger."

Updated on 12/13/17: There is a great picture circulating that features the cast of the new "New Warriors" television series:

I'm really excited about this new show!

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