Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ryan Buell Hosts Meandering Facebook Live Session

I was Facebook last night and received a notice that Ryan Buell, formerly of "Paranormal State," was going to be hosting a Facebook Live session. Which intrigued me. He has been in the news during the past year because of arrests related to various felony and misdemeanor theft. He's been plagued by rumors of drug abuse. And he continues to be dogged by angry fans who spent money on various appearances, only to have him no-show. He's been pretty quiet since getting out of jail, though has participated in a webinar program and made an appearance at a recent convention in New York. (though he showed up one day late.)

I showed up a few minutes late to the Facebook Live session and found a very tired looking Ryan Buell trying to justify to his fans why he wasn't planning on addressing any of his legal or personal problems. It went on and on and on for an uncomfortable amount of time before he attempted to seek out new questions from his fans.

Except that he just sat there for an extended period of time staring at the string of comments and questions in teary-eyed silence. I asked him to tell us about his new book, which he kind of started talking about before shifting back into uncomfortable discussions about his personal challenges without actually talking about his personal challenges.

In other words, I didn't learn much about his new book.

The Facebook Live session cut out after a period of silence. I left Facebook and found out that she returned with one or two additional sessions. Those didn't last very long -- but at least he answered some interesting questions, such as how to help "gifted kids" or would you ever consider doing animated voice work. And he talked a bit about being an addict in the process of recovery.

I left the Facebook Live session worried about Ryan and whichever one of his friends and/or advisers who thought that it would be a good idea for him to do one of these Q&A events. You can watch the three videos here, here, and here.

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