Thursday, April 13, 2017

Season 10 of "Storage Wars" Debuts -- And So Does Its New Auctioneer From Iowa!

I watched "Stakes, Buys and Video Games," the first episode of season ten's "Storage Wars" on A&E. I don't usually watch this show, but wanted to check it out since Iowa is getting some representation in the name of Emily Wears. She's an auctioneer from nearby Solon, IA.

As I noted above, I don't usually watch "Storage Wars." I usually reserve the show for moments when I'm traveling with family and we're looking for something that everyone can generally watch without conflict. But the format is pretty similar from episode to episode. Treasure hunters make bids on abandoned storage lockers and then sort through them after each sale to determine how much they made off of their acquisitions -- or how much they lost!

Iowa's Auctioneer, Emily Wears
One thing that I don't remember from previous shows: the focus on the auctioneer! The first several minutes of the show focused on introducing Emily as the new auctioneer. And then each of the auction bidders -- Ivy Calvin, Rene Nezhoda, Mary Padian, and Darrell Sheets -- spent quite a bit of time speculating on the identity of the new auctioneer and then trying to figure out how they could manipulate the newbee auctioneer.

Fortunately, Emily wasn't putting up with their antics. She walked in with confidence, laid down the rules, and then began the auction. Once again, keep in mind that I don't usually watch this show that closely. But everyone seemed shocked with Emily kicked off the sale with a rapid-fire auction chant. I thought that this is pretty typical for an auction, but apparently not in California. Emily led the show's regulars on three sales and then left about midway through the program so that they could tally their winnings.

So, how well did Emily represent Iowa? Pretty well. I mean, they didn't actually say in the show that she's from Iowa. But "Storage Wars'" producers didn't make her wear corn-shaped earrings. And they didn't play banjo music in the background when she showed up. That's a win in my mind!

More importantly, Emily had a lot of fun back-and-forth bantering with the show's regulars and she seemed very comfortable in her role as "Storage Wars'" new auctioneer. Good job!

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