Friday, April 14, 2017

The Story I Missed: Jon Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" Became a Stripper -- Plus the Reveal that It Was an April Fools Day Joke!

I was online tonight and noticed a news article from late March reporting that Jon Gosselin, formerly of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" reality TV fame, was going to be performing as a stripper in a New Jersey club.

The news broke when he posted this "Jon Gosselin Untamed" poster on his Instagram page. He later confirmed that he would be performing as a male entertainer in Atlanta City, NJ, on 04/01/17.

According to ET:
It's true. After rumors began swirling that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star was going to perform as a male entertainer in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Gosselin, 39, confirmed the news to ET on Saturday. 
"I work at Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I'm a member of the Senate DJ group and I also help with Promotion," he explained. "I DJ at the club sometimes, but I find promotion is more rewarding both financially and emotionally. I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome." 
Gosselin also revealed he's performing in the nightclub's Men Untamed Revue Show, exclusively telling ET his first night is April 1st. "I'm an integral part of the show," he added. "Being part of something is a blessing. Since I joined Senate DJ I've felt like I belong to something and I'm not just out there on my own -- I feel as if I'm part of a fraternity or brotherhood." 
But when asked if stripping was something he ever imagined himself doing, he responded, "No way!"
This immediately grabbed my attention. I thought that Jon was hot back in his reality TV days (so homo) and I felt a little bent out of shape for missing this story when it first broke. Knowing that his performance happened earlier this month, I began googling "Jon Gosselin stripper" and was disappointed when I found these pics on TMZ.

So then I went on Twitter to see if I could find some really shocking private pics, but nothing nudie showed up. But I did find this article, titled "Everyone Thought Jon Gosselin Was Going To Be a Stripper -- Now He's Getting the Last Laugh."

Turns out that the whole thing was an elaborate joke on the media to celebrate Jon's 40th birthday with his friends and family. He pointed out that the media ran with the story of him being a stripper without really examining the "Jon Gosselin Untamed" poster. Some of the things that they missed in the poster: It never announced that he was going to strip. They just assumed. They also failed to notice that the party was planned for April Fools Day.

Jon noted in a follow-up video that he was pleased about punking the media, which has been collectively dogging him over the past decade. He did perform for his audience, but he certainly didn't strip. He made some money and contributed quite a bit of that money to St. Jude's.

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