Saturday, May 6, 2017

Iowa City's Press-Citizen Highlights Community's "Only Practicing Psychic" // Conveniently Ignores Iowa City's Other Psychics

I read with interest yesterday an article in the Iowa City Press-Citizen about "Iowa City's only openly-practicing psychic." The writer interviewed Stephanie Prier, who operates a business in downtown Iowa City with a big sign that reads "Psychic Readings." I've driven past this sign many times and have been curious about the business.

According to the article, Prier has been running her psychic shop for the past year. She identifies as a psychic and intuitive energy healer. She does palm reading, Tarot card reading, psychic evaluation, and chakra balancing. She meets clients in her office, over the phone, and online.

That said, Stephanie Prier is far from the only psychic in Iowa City. There are practicing psychics at PrismsScape. I know people who do Tarot and Oracle card readings. And I've met several Iowa City psychics and energy healers at various metaphysical expos over the past 3-4 years. Heck, we even had our own psychic animal communicator for a while.

So interesting article for learning more about that "Psychic Readings" sign that I drive by every day. Not so interesting article when it comes to learning about Iowa City's other openly-practicing psychics.

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