Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Matt and Sabrina Continue to Commiserate on "Return to Amish"

So I finally got to watch the latest episode of "Return to Amish," which followed up on Sabrina's court battle for her baby girl. I've learned that Sabrina's parents were going through the foster parent training program in Pennsylvania, which would allow the state to place the baby in their home. Unfortunately, Sabrina's unexpectedly early childbirth messed up with their plans as they hadn't yet finished the classes or their home study.

Which leaves Sabrina in a shaky place. Fortunately, she has her gay friend and fellow ex-Mennonite Matt Bristol to show up out of the blue for a cup of coffee. Frankly, it's nice that Matt keeps showing up given that Abe and Rebecca want absolutely nothing to do with Sabrina these days! To a point, I don't blame them. Their last interactions with Sabina weren't terribly positive. That said, one of the negative aspects to Amish culture is the shunning of those who don't toe the line. And Abe and Rebecca -- despite being ex-Amish -- are great as shunning poor Sabrina!

I'm half convinced that Matt and Lizzie keep popping up on the show to make up for Abe and Rebecca continually refusing to interact with Sabrina, despite them being relatively close to each other. I mean, there's only so many times that cash-strapped Jeremiah and Carmela can believably show up at Sabrina's door from Florida!

But have you noticed that "Return to Amish" identifies Matt as "Sabrina's friend" or "ex-Mennonite" (except for that one first time when he was ), but Lizzie is always identified as "Breaking Amish: LA?" I'm not sure why that is. I'm half convinced that they are auditioning Matt and Lizzie for future seasons of the program. I mean, they've already lost Kate. Who is to say that Jeremiah or Sabrina will be back for future episodes given all of their repeated legal problems? Or maybe the show's producers are just looking for fresh talent who aren't completely shunning one of the show's primary characters?

I'm just happy that Matt keeps showing up, even if it's just for five minutes or so each episode! In this episode, he showed up and reminded poor Sabrina that pregnancy gave her a gut! I'm sure he meant well, but it really made me laugh!

They then sat around and chatted about Sabrina's ongoing woes. Sabrina told him about her kids being removed from her care and Matt incredulously noted that they would be so much better if they ended up in her parents' home and raised Mennonite because of that great upbringing.

Have I mentioned lately that it's hard to take their devotion of Mennonite culture too seriously given that both of them left as soon as they could and neither plans to return? But I digress...

But I'm glad to see Matt there supporting his childhood friend and fellow reality TV personality. I just hope that their friendship doesn't just exist for Sabrina to vent about the horrible things in her life. They need to expand their friendship to include some fun stuff too. Otherwise, this friendship isn't likely to last.

It's hard to believe, but there is only one more episode left to this season of "Return to Amish." The gang -- minus Matt and Lizzie, of course -- will travel to Las Vegas for some fun and excitement -- not to mention some heart-wrenching confrontation. I really hope that it doesn't end with Sabrina and Rebecca screaming at each other again. They really need to find some amount of peace. Even if they don't become best friends again, they should be able to be in the same room again. Otherwise, what's the point?

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