Sunday, May 7, 2017

Matthew Bristol (Formerly of "Breaking Amish LA") Comes Out as a Gay Man

I was watching the first half of tonight's "Return to Amish" episode, which was interesting -- though the episodes run so long these days! It would be so much nicer if they cut them back to one hour in length again!

Anyway, there was one part of the program where elder cast member Mary went to Sabrina's home to see how she is doing given her pregnancy and the stress of her involvement with DCFS. While she was there, Mary decided to host a tupperware party at Sabrina's home so that she could spread a little money and tupperware Sabrina's way.

We were treated to a reunion of sorts at the party. Two cast members from "Breaking Amish: LA" -- Lizzie James and Matthew Bristol were among the Tupperware guests! It was nice to see them, though Lizzie barely said a word the entire time.

Later on, Matthew scheduled a private moment between him, Sabrina, and the production crew to share a little bit of truth about his life. Matthew wanted Sabrina to know that he's finally come out as a gay man!

That's right! The former Mennonite who left the religious community to design clothing finally admitted to the world that he is a gay man. Plus he has a boyfriend in NYC. Sabrina was super-excited to have a gay friend in her life and then began grilling him about guys, bears, and how gays handle it when two tops get in the same room!

And that was pretty much Matthew's contribution to the program. I'm not sure if he'll return to the program again or not. Frankly, it would be nice if he stuck around for a while -- especially since Kate isn't coming back. They could trade a female model for a gay designer! Otherwise, it just seemed like an odd interaction for a character who hasn't been around since 2013!


Unknown said...

Matt is soooo hot

Anonymous said...

Matthew is cool .like his personality, Kate ik liked a lot too, a pitty
she isn`t coming back!! greetings from the netherlands GH